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Can you name one habit that has changed your life drastically?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) July 5th, 2014

Whether viewed positively or negatively.

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Checking Fluther constantly. It is positive, I need the company.

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Regular exercise, makes me feel so much better physically, mentally, spiritually.

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@zenvelo Care to share your routine or minimum per week?

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Quitting smoking.

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Drinking more water, so simple yet so effective. I should add getting rid of soda and energy drinks helped. I still cheat once in a while with a drink called Zevia.

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Thinking for myself and not letting others lead me.

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The martial arts. It taught me discipline, self-defense, and got me into the lifelong habit of working out regularly.

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Lifting. Just went from 3 days per week to 4. It has transformed my body in only a few short months. So glad my cardio bunny days are behind me.

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Stopped seeing things that happened to me as things that were done to me, and started seeing myself as someone who got through a lot of shit.

At the same time, changed my level of accountability to 100% my fault to 50/50 depending on the situation. I don’t think it’s healthy to put all the blame externally or internally, but to consider each situation on an individual basis.

The slight change in perspective changed my locus of control from seeing myself as a frequent victim to seeing myself as someone that had experiences…. in psycho-speak, I moved from an external locus of control to an internal one.

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I broke two habits simultaneously when I was 29: stopped smoking (after 12 years) and stopped biting my nails (after 25 years)—both cold turkey. I had grown to hate both habits and have no doubt breaking them changed my life.

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I binge eat a lot (have for the past 15 years). Obviously that has had a majorly negative impact on my life.

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- Ditto @talljasperman. Fluther changed my whole perception of the world completely.

- Read books of English-speaking authors in their original language. My writing is partly influenced by those books.

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Getting rid of my ex husband, as in divorcing him, not killing him.
Life changing to get the 180 lb. monkey off my back. Instant weight loss. haha

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Updated: Oh, and also my torrenting skill goes up, thanks to those books >:D

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@livelaughlove21 What do you mean by cardio bunny days??

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Well, having sex. It lead to this and half of them weren’t even there! This is Corrie and her family. Also,my oldest grandson is now 19, as of July 4th. And it was a whole trip along the way!

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@Dutchess_III Awww…nice family pic. :-)

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I started jogging in 1979 and have never stopped. I got hooked on racing any distance from 5K to full marathons and sprint triathlons. I always tried to run faster and faster and was never satisfied with any result. My PR’s: 5K = 14:59, 10K = 33:08, half marathon = 1:13:48, full marathon = 1:36:12 (sub 6 minute pace). I ran hundreds of short races plus 59 full marathons over the last 34 years. How did this change my life drastically? Last year I learned that all that long distance training and racing is directly responsible for me developing atrial fibrillation. There are many recent studies that conclude that many years of hard long distance running, cycling, x-country skiing is bad for the heart (especially in males). Too bad that this information wasn’t available to me 30 years ago.

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@pleiades I run at least five days a week, a minimum of three miles. Sometimes more, and some days I add in a hike or a walk of three or more miles. Tomorrow I will run in the morning, and I’m probably walking late afternoon.

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@LDRSHIP I mean the days when all I did was cardio and I was under the false impression that it would help me get the body I wanted. I hate cardio and now only do it once a week, but lifting is what is having some tremendous effects on my figure. It’s nice to now know I don’t have to get on another treadmill or elliptical.

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