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If humans become extinct then which animal will dominate earth ?

Asked by udaykrishan (17points) July 5th, 2014


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Apes. like in the movies. or maybe some EXTRMELY strong creatures. But I don’t think that humans will extinct ‘cause they have advantages in many ways.

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Insects. They are the epitome of survival, they were here before us, and most likely, they’ll be here long after we’re gone. The only thing that will stop them is if the Earth itself becomes entirely frozen.
Of course they won’t dominate the Earth like humans do, but they’ll dominate it in another way.

As far as evolving and building shit like we do, probably nothing. But IF anything, my guess is also on apes, or dolphins.

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German Shepherd, they already rule the world, we just don’t know it. They are that smart.

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Ants – Abundant, Intelligent, Unified, Carnivores…err, okay so they’re tiny, what of it?
I love the way they kill their prey, surgical precision & carry it off to the kitchen for later.

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Us aliens.

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I think, if we haven’t totally destroyed the balance of nature before we leave, that there will be no one creature dominating all the others like we have. No other creature has the ability destroy other creatures to extinction on such an enormous scale, change the vegetable world on a molecular level in order to feed our inordinate populations, to poison the whole biosphere with our waste products.

What I would like to think will happen is that the natural biological checks and balances will dominate once again with large cats at the top of the food chain, as they are the best equipped predator, with insects and disease keeping all in check.

What may happen, however, is that one after another, the nuclear materials we have stashed in salt mines near fresh and salt water sources, etc., and the fuels we have left behind in power facilities around the globe—along with many other man-altered poisons— could possibly destroy all biological life on earth long after we are gone.

It is possible that we have created a situation on this planet that, without humans constantly at the controls, it could self-destruct once we are no longer here.

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