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I need help understanding my dreams?

Asked by curiosity (20points) July 6th, 2014

The other night I had a dream of a guy that is only a friend to me and nothing else and it was weird because i don’t like him as anything more. I have been having dreams like this often but with different guys. I am so confused right now. I just need so major help understanding it….Help me Please! I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t sleep because of it.

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What did you do in that dream?

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Are you sure you don’t have feelings for him? If you don’t, you may need to be in a relationship and this is a way to understand it. If you are single I suggest you find somebody you like and see what happens :) Good luck!

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I think you most assuredly do have feelings for and about him, but it’s probably a mix of having more affection for him than you’re admitting to yourself and having a resistance to that. Your dream is doing what dreams do: it’s trying to process and reconcile those feelings while you sleep, something you don’t have the time or desire to do during waking hours.

Time will tell whether you really like him more than you think or you don’t.

Note: This is my take on your dream—and it’s only mine. Different people will interpret it differently, and in the end, only you can figure it out. Meanwhile, I suggest you not dwell on the dream and get to know some other guys.

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Dreams don’t need to mean anything and only if you have feelings for this guy you have feelings for this guy. Listen to your feelings instead of to random dreams.

Of course the fact that you’re so worked up about this might imply that you might feel more ;-)

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It sounds like you are thinking about buys and relationships. The people you people your dreams with are the people you see around you in real life. What they do in your dreams has no relationship to real life.

Concentrate on interactions when you are awake not your sleeping thoughts.

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The only thing his presence in a dream means is he was in your general consciousness when you were awake. It does not mean anything related to emotional connection positive or negative.

If you dreamt about Brussels sprouts it wouldn’t mean you love them, just that they were floating around in your head before you went to sleep.

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Once I drempt I had an explicit sexual encounter with my aunt, who is like 85 years old. I really, really hope that doesn’t mean anything.
I even woke up feeling dirty.

I think dreams are just a creative outlet for your brain to mash up different parts of your psyche. I don’t read anything into most of them. I agree with @Vincentt that it’s more telling that you concern yourself with this particular dream.

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Forget the imagery, which is just random, and concentrate on the emotions you feel when you awaken. Are you having sexual or erotic yearnings? Most of us do and dream about them, with the visual manifestations being almost anything…even @GloPro‘s 85-year-old aunt, or small, shiny, green vegetables.

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All that you need to understand is that they are dreams.

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@gailcalled is absolutely right.

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Sorry, that was supposed to be boys not buys.

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Dreams don’t have any inherent meaning. There is no symbolism in dreams, they’re just random pieces of information that pop into our heads when we are sleeping, because of chemical reactions, although most things that you will see in your dreams will be things from the real world. And humans do tend to have some similar dreams, probably stemming from our ancient collective memory. That’s why you’ll often hear of people describing a similar dream, like the one in which you show up at school unprepared, or you are naked, or you are flying. Those dreams still don’t mean anything. It’s just how our brains are wired.

There is no reason to try to understand what a dream means because it doesn’t have any meaning at all.

I think what you might be trying to ask is if we think you have feelings for this fellow. Probably not. You said you don’t have feelings for him, so you don’t. That’s OK. You might develop feelings for him later on, only because the idea of him is now kind of in the forefront of your thoughts right now, only because you had a random dream about him. You could have just as easily dreamed about the cashier at Walmart, or your cousin, or your dog, or green moon men. They’re just dreams, they’re random.

People tend to have more vivid dreams when they’re under stress or if they’ve eaten a meal late at night, especially if it was a spicy meal. The dreams still don’t mean anything. It’s just the way our brains sort things out, to refresh us, for the next day of being awake. Kind of like how computers work. They have to do certain tasks, but the tasks themselves don’t have any inherent meaning. But because we are conscious, thinking beings, not computers, it sure does seem like the dreams ought to mean something, because they are so vivid and tied into our emotions.

You probably dream about boys because you are young, and when you are awake you think about boys and there are boys all around you when you are at school or even just friends in your neighborhood. People tend to dream about things that are around them, but it’s just as common to dream about completely random stuff, but you don’t hear people talking about those dreams, because they don’t seem important and are easily forgotten. Dreams about boys are much more interesting, therefore you’re more likely to remember them. Plus you are trying to put meaning onto those dreams, when there is no meaning at all. It’s just your brain doing what it needs to do when you are asleep.

Don’t worry about your dreams, just go about your business during the day time. That’s where you are going to find meaning. If you like this guy fine, if you’re just friends, that’s fine too.

Tonight you might dream about a giant pizza engulfing you, or you might not. Just don’t let it upset you.

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You want a BF and your mind is considering all types of possibilities and drawbacks.

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Dreams are either meaningless or they are messages from your subconscious. Apparently it depends on who you ask. Asking a bunch of strangers on the Web to interpret your dreams for you is either useless or dangerous, according to which way the first sentence falls.

If you really want to know what your dreams mean, go and pay a Jungian or Rogerian psychoanalyst to interpret them for you. If dreams are meaningless, then this will be a waste of time and effort, so it’s a bit of a gamble. But then, what isn’t?

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You know, my wife had a dream about me and I was a friend of hers from middle school. She dreamt about me and contacted me, all of a sudden we got married.

Follow your dreams!

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