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How do you get over the dread of Monday morning?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) July 6th, 2008

It starts around sundown on Sunday night….Work tomorrow, EWW, YUCK!!!!

I don’t hate my job. I actually enjoy it most of the time. But Monday morning…especially a Monday after a long weekend such as the 4th of July, I completely dread it!!

Why do I clutter my mind with thoughts of work tomorrow instead of enjoying my last few weekend hours? How do I make Monday suck less?

Any rich men out there who want to just take me away from it all? I’ll be a good housewife….kidding.

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looks like somebody’s got a case of the mondays

i dont like mondays either.

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I used to hate Mondays too. Now I have a job that is only Tuesday through Thursday. Guess what? Mondays ain’t so bad anymore!

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a good way to get over monday blues is to treat yourself to something every monday night. the “something” depends on what you like. it could be a movie, special food, etc. a good tradition is to eat out on monday nights. most people like to eat out over weekends, but i always feel that its more fun and a better stress buster if used on a weekday since it helps stop the mundane schedule of the week. if you have something to look to for after work on monday, it won’t seem as bad on sunday night ! :)

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I found a job that doesn’t require me to work first shift on Mondays. Even though I sometimes work on Mondays, they aren’t so bad anymore.

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This year I actually love monday mornings, believe it or not. I go to an all girls school which has a brother all boys school, and girls are able to do classes there and boys at our school, if the need arises (clashes with classes and so forth). I am doing Maths Methods at our brother school, on line 1 which is the Monday morning double class. You might think that being one of two girls in an all boy maths class is daunting, but I actually love it. It’s my favourite class and I look forward to it. My worst days of the week are those without Maths. I get up on a Monday morning, walk to my friends house, who is the only other girl in my class, on the way to the boys school and we stroll along together, catching up on each others weekends, then we’ve got our Maths class, and the boys just make it so more enjoyable. I am constantly laughing, but the teacher is great and I still get the work done.
I think that maybe instead of dreading work, you should think about the things that you enjoy about it. Seeing your work colleagues, catching up on what they did on the weekend and just reminding yourself that you do actually enjoy your job, and you might actually start looking forward to it on a Sunday night!

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I don’t like Mondays! (but I won’t use it as an excuse to shoot anyone or inspire a Bob Geldof song)
Yesterday I spent the whole day playing with the sewing machine and my knitting while listening to good music…....Now I’m stuck at my desk, with my 2 screens, various jumping alerts and a phone that’s bound to start ringing soon…’s that for a bummer of a contrast! Oh well, at least I’m on the 7am shift so I get to leave at a reasonable hour :)

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Listen to a bit of Boomtown Rats, kick back and relax!

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The dread is practically unavoidable. It is oozing out of my pores, oily and bitter. Monday even makes Sunday suck.

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to make your Monday better try making your weekends filled with paying bills, hanging out with people who annoy you, getting a stomach virus or just generally sucking. Mondays will be great by comparison!

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It wasn’t a great weekend for you then, playthebanjo?
plays the world’s smallest violin….

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No, my weekend was great…but I am not the one who hates Mondays!

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I probably wouldn’t hate them either if what you said above was my weekend…..but, apart from the stomach flu, that’s pretty much my weekdays!

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If I’m really stressing about Monday or the week ahead, I will drink some Tension Tamer tea and read for a bit before I go to bed to make sure that I’m relaxed enough to fall asleep. Nothing is worse than starting your week off with 3–4 hours of sleep.

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Monday just means another day of double computing. I’m beginning to hate computing more and more sadly seeing as it’s a hobby I enjoy a lot. I think the main reason I hate Monday morning is not because of what is coming up but because of what I haven’t done over the weekend. Whether I’ve had a packed weekend and not had enough time to do something else or if I did absolutely nothing and spent the weekend as a couch potato. I see it that way to be honest, I should stop looking at the past, or the future and think of the now I guess.

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I’m off on Tuesdays, so I tell myself, “It’s only one day”.

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Well, right now, the best way to deal with it, is reminding myself, the work-day part is over! (but damn it was such a Monday!). One day closer to the weekend :)

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That’s right! I work second shift, so my Monday is now halfway over!

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Call in sick.

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@Knotmyday good one! ha ha!

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Count it down.
Just think 5 more days until the weekend.
Great stuff happening on the weekend.

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Monday never bothers me, oddly. Maybe it’s because I don’t necessarily have to work, or I don’t necessarily have Sunday off.

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Don’t drink too much on Sunday.

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