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What is a very popular food in your country that people enjoy casually at home?

Asked by JLeslie (54569points) July 7th, 2014

In America it’s pizza and tacos according to some survey that was being talked about on the show The View. To be honest I would not have thought of tacos, but pizza I definitely agree with.

So, my questions are:
1. What country do you live in?
2. What food is very popular that is eaten at home?
3. Is it a food that originated in your country?
4. Is it usually made from scratch, brought in, or delivered?

Pizza in America you can have delivered to your house almost anywhere in the country. Not just your house, they also deliver to hotels, college dorm rooms, almost anywhere. Plus, we have many brands of frozen pizzas sold in the supermarkets and some markets sell fresh “raw” pizzas ready for baking. My supermarket sells the pizza dough and all you do is spread it out on the baking dish and add whatever toppings you would like and bake. There are instant mixes to make the dough, ready made pizza shells, pizza kits. Pizza pizza pizza. My guess is very few Americans make the dough from scratch.

I always thought pizza was from Italy, but someone recently said it might have originated in Greece? Mediteranean area of the world for sure I guess. The Italian immigrants first popularized it in America, and it was a big hit.

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I live in Englandtown
Pizza, Indian, Chinese, Fish & Chips

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1. I live in the United States.
2. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
3. Never heard of it from another country.
4. It’s made in the home, but the bread, peanut butter, and the jelly are all brought in from the grocery store.

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Hot dogs, hamburgers and french fries. Those 3 foods are considered the quintessential American cuisine.

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Maybe the most popular food that I can enjoy casually at home is Pho. Not very sure about the origin but I think it’s from my country. There are a lot of Pho stores around here. We often just go there and eat right there. We can have the option to bring it back home.

Another popular food is called “banh chung”. It is basically a rice cake with pork and glutinous rice inside. It is traditionally eaten at New Year Eve, but now we can eat it almost anytime. Mostly we get it through delivery. We don’t eat Banh Chung as often as Pho though.

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Lets see I’m from the US so I’ll go with processed fattening artificial “food products”

@JLeslie hell, they didn’t even have tomatoes in EU until the Spanish brought them back from Mexico. A fact that still leaves me scratching my head sometimes because like 90% of Italian food is tomato based, what the hell were they eating before then?

@Mimishu1995 I LOVE pho. It’s my feel good soup. Whenever I think I’m coming down with something I get myself a nice big bowl of pho and feel so much better. Forget chicken noodle soup, I’ll take pho any day.

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Schnitzel/Bockwurst & Kartoffelsalat

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@El_Cadejo If that is the case that would have been back in the late 1400’s early 1500’s I guess. If we go back to Columbus’ (Colon’s) day. Is that when it happened? He was Italian coincidently, sponsored by the Spanish so to speak to make the trip. Still, it seems Italy, or a nearby country, thought to put the tomatoes or tomato sauce on a crust. My husband is from Mexico and pizza was not at all a big thing when he was growing up. In my family pizza was the food we tried in almost every city when we travelled to see if it was any good there. That is if the city had pizza. I thought there was a story about tomatoes being thought to be poison and America finally figured out the Italians had been eating them for years? I might have my stories mixed up. Also, it’s the southern Italians that eat a ton of tomatoes in their diet, not so much the northern Italians.

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Nuthin’ better than picking up some BBQ and eating it at home.

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I’m in the US, but our regular eating habits are more influenced by where we’re originally from and the places we’ve travelled.

For example, my wife was born in Argentina and her family is from a small town Italy (where she spent many summers). As such, we like to grill meats a lot (asado) and we enjoy homemade empanadas, and chimichurri sauce. We eat a lot of salmon and, of course, pasta. My mother-in-law makes her own pasta and my wife makes her own tomato sauce.

Recently, we’ve gotten into homemade pizza as I just purchased a small, outdoor, pizza oven.

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1) North Carolina

2) BBQ pork

3) Yup !

4) All of those backyard cookers and restaurants

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@El_Cadejo Equally hard to believe is that the American Indians didn’t have horses until the Spanish brought them over in the 16th century.

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@Dutchess_III The interesting thing about horses is that they actually indigenous to North America and crossed the Beringia to “the old world” . They thrived in NA until about 10,000 years ago when they went extinct on this continent.(around the same time as the mammoth) And then as you said, it wasn’t until the 16th century when they were reintroduced.

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1. What country do you live in?

2. What food is very popular that is eaten at home?
Pizza and Mexican food.

3. Is it a food that originated in your country?
Pizza is of Italian origin, but the stuff we eat here, is quite different than what it started out as in Italy. I’m in Califonia, so we have all sorts of different styles of pizza. Mexican food also originated in Mexico, but what we eat in Southern California is quite different from what they eat deep down in Mexico City or Puero Vallarta. Fish Tacos, which originated in Baja California (Mexico) are very popular here, as are Carne Asada burritos, and rolled tacos.

4. Is it usually made from scratch, brought in, or delivered?
A lot of people get pizza delivered, but we just make it ourselves, with fresh dough from Trader Joe’s, or we buy frozen pizza like Digiorno or Freschetta, or we eat pizza at a restaurant.

I love California Pizza Kitchen, but Costco also makes great pizza that they sell as Huge Slices, which is more like New York pizza.

We have everything from more authentic Italian Style Pizza to New York Style, and Chicago Style and California Woodfired.

There’s a taco stand on every corner in Southern Califonia, so we often pick up something to go. I almost always get Bean and Cheese Burritos. My Mom likes Rolled Tacos and my Dad likes Chimichangas which are deep fried burritos. It’s hard to find bad Mexican food, but there is everything here from Taco Bell and Del Taco, to more authentic Street Food, to upscale Mexican Dining. Mexican food in California is quite different from Tex Mex and different from Mexican food in the state of New Mexico.

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BBQ. It’s really the only native food anyway.

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@Haleth These also work great for cereal :P

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In parts of the US and in the Jewish communities, it’s bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon.

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Sausages, sausages, sausages. Fish n chps. Chinese. Pizza. I really miss Mexican food there’s no Mexicans here.

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Sounds like a business opportunity @trailsillustrated.

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I had great Mexican food in Tokyo.

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I had great Mexican food in Dodge City.

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I thought any food there was dodgy

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