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Are there any Bluetooth experts out there?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22415points) July 7th, 2014

I’m working on a project where the employee would be in a warehouse, carrying an Android or iPad tablet, a bluetooth barcode reader (to read the item barcodes), and a small bluetooth printer. In that way, the person could, in one action: (a) scan and grab the item, (b) have the tablet upload the revised inventory status, and© print out a packing/routing slip for the item.

Does Bluetooth support more than one active connection at a time?

[I know that the Bluetooth standard says that a device should, to be compliant, support up to 7 active connections. But… not all standards are implemented fully.]

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Not a bluetooth expert, but I haven’t run into anything that won’t support multiple connections. You can have a bluetooth speaker going and using other items pretty easily and I’ve done that with 3 or 4 devices. (laptop, phone, tablet)

Sounds like a great project, but that’s a lot to haul around a warehouse, most tablets can do barcodes with their cameras and maybe print where your packaging is?

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I think it depends on the device. For example, I have a Bluetooth speaker that will connect to a laptop or an iPad, but not both at the same time. On the other hand, the iPad will connect to the speaker and a separate keyboard at the same time.

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It definitely depends on the type of main device used and the type of auxillary devices being connected, as @2davidc8 said.

As @funkdaddy intimated, the Bluetooth scanner may be unnecessary, given the abilities of tablets these days.

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This unique feature actually allowed in some of the latest Bluetooth speakers like shoqbox, supertooth, philips. They even have built in sensor to provide hassle free connectivity. You can make them work as a stereo. See more at

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