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Would it be good or bad to show my interviewer this chart about me from 2002?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36077points) July 7th, 2014

I’ve been cleaning, and came across this. I have an interview coming up sometime this month and I wonder if this would be a positive thing to show the interviewer. I thought it looked pretty good, but I want other opinions, please.

The position is for a legal secretary in a very small law firm.

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Oh, God. Raggy is the first one to answer…

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(Why is this in Social rather than in General?)

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It is a meaningless graph that a potential employer will find completely useless.
It could actually harm your chances.
He will likely think: ”What is this shit? That some sort of stupid internet self test? What am I supposed to do with this? Why is she showing me this? Is she crazy?

And in the unlikely event that he does take that graph seriously, the thing shows low marks for cooperation, modesty, but high marks for assertiveness and competitiveness.
Translation: ”She is a combative harpy who does not work well with others.
And then there is this high “managerial” bar, the mediocre responsibility bar and the low modesty bar: ”She thinks she is the boss and does not admit mistakes or when she is wrong, will likely blame others for her own mistakes and will brag about and exaggerate her own achievements.

“Well, Mrs. V, thank you for your time. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

Advice: Crumple it up and burn it.

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Thanks. Advice taken @ragingloli. That’s why I asked. (But it’s too damn hot to burn anything. I’ll just throw it away.)

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I think the most important thing is I don’t know how she would read it. One person may see it the way you saw it, another might see something completely different.

Oh, and that was a job related thing they had us do when I worked for CellOne.

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I enjoy seeing things like this and also being a personalty theory fan I would love to see someone Meyers/Briggs also. I am not an employer but I think it is an individual thing. Some people won’t care, others would think it interesting, a nice little extra insight into the prospective employee.

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Yeah, I like this stuff too…but but it’s a gamble I don’t think I should take.

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Without any real evidence of how it applies outside of the work environment you were in 12 years ago, I’d leave it at home.

I know my scores on things like that are much different than 12 years ago, and I suspect your are too. You are not the same person, that’s why other than continuity of employment, a job 12 years ago doesn’t really count on the resume.

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I wonder if I could find it online and take it again?

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I would leave it home. The people at CellOne were probably familiar with that and knew what they wanted an employee to score. Showing it to someone that is not familiar with it could lead to reading it incorrectly or taking your results to be something bad rather than good. Even if you took it again now to have current scores, the person reading it still needs to know what it is and what they are looking for.

On first glance, I was thinking you did not do well because you were on the “bottom” of the graph. Once I read the explanations below, I understood differently. If you take this in, you are taking a risk that they will glance at it (without reading the explanations, misinterpret it, and hold that against you in regards to getting the job.

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Don’t do it.

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Good luck with the interview!

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Thank you! I was actually referred to the law firm by my own lawyer, so that’s a good start. I dropped my resume off a month or so ago and the person hiring said, “I’m excited about this!” But she has to do the interview thing sometime towards the end of this month.

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may I also suggest that you delete that picture as soon as possible? with OCR and google’s indexing, you may not want to have that thing, which bears your real name, floating around the web

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Another thing about these kinds of tests…they basically ask you what your opinion of yourself is, and that can be notoriously unreliable..

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No, you don’t want to show this to any hard nosed interviewer. It’s equivalent to handing her your astrology chart as a reference. For the love of God, resist posting anything as personal as this openly on the net.

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It looks like an early attempt at building a house on Minecraft

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Oh! I just came across the official written “verdict,’ based on that test. It was all good. :D And pretty close to home, too, I think.

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