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Will you accept thanks from this grateful stranger?

Asked by thelurker (494points) July 7th, 2014

You don’t know me, but you’ve been a constantly informative and enjoyable part of my life. I tend to listen much more than I speak; until this moment, I had not “spoken” a single word on Fluther, even though I have frequented this site for over four years. Today, I suddenly wanted to express my gratitude for the joys and sorrows, the knowledge, the inspiration, and the enlightenment that you have shared with each other and, by extension, with me. So, thank you. You’re awesome for sharing.

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Awwww! That kind of made my day!

Now that you’re out of the shadows, go ask some questions

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Welcome to the tidepool! Why not participate? The water’s fine.

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You’ve been lurking for the same amount of time I’ve been around here :) Glad to see you made your first question! We won’t bite if you participate more. It’s always good to have new voices.

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Welcome to Fluther. Thank you for the kind words. Now jump in and make yourself at home.

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Once again I find myself showered with praise from my adoring fans, I am truly the gift that keeps on giving. I accept with grace & humility…thanks to you too :)

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Actually that’s kinda creepy…but I like it. :)

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Nice to meet you!

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@everyone Hello, and nice to meet you!

@Symbeline Hi! I know you as pillows, video games, and Vikings. I enumerate these just to creep you out more ;) If I can creep a few others out, that would be fun.

I like pillows too. More for their utility though. My ideal is to be surrounded by them pillows I sleep. One for my head, one for my feet, and one to hug when I lie on either side. My husband complains that the side pillows take up too much room. I hope I have not mixed you up with someone else, or all this won’t make sense.

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No, you didn’t mix me up. :) And I do that too, I always sleep in between two big pillows so that I have one to hug no matter what side I’m sleeping on. soft!

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Lovely question. Stay, now that you’re here! :]

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It’s great that you’ve decided to take the plunge and sign in. I hope we’ll be seeing more of you in the threads!!

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Welcome to Fluther! We’re glad to have you here.
It’s pretty crazy to think of someone lurking for 4 years. That’s awesome! I’m glad you decided to jump in. :)

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Thank you, if you learned anything from me, it was not me, what you learned was just learned through me. ;-)

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Grateful Stranger? Are you related to Handsome Stranger? (He’s named after his father, you know.)

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Welcome @thelurker! Oh, you don’t need this welcome because you’ve been here for so long ~

I don’t think I’m worth your thank :P You lurk around, you know me and my stupidity. I have more than once make myself ridiculous in front of everyone here :P

Anyway, hope you will participate here too :)

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Thank you, @thelurker. We’re lurky to have you among us, no matter how quietly.

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^ Laughing way too hard at that.

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So you’ve been here all along. I wondered why I kept thinking that I heard somebody move, and then I’d look and not see anyone : )

Now that you’re “officially” here, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself here and join in the fun.

Can I fix you a snack?

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Hello! I’m glad you decided to speak up! How are YOU doing?

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Thank you, all, for making me so welcome. I’m glad I decided to join, too. It’s great to be here!

@syz No, but according to Symbeline, I am a little bit related to Stranger Danger.

@Mimishu1995 Nonsense! You are my only Vietnamese mafia-loving, mystery-reading/writing, asexual, one-sided Internet acquaintance, and I won’t hear you disparage yourself any longer!

@Pachy Are you the elephant in the room? I am…. the mouse in the room.

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Why did you decide to come out of the shadows? How could you stand not speaking up on anything for so long?

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@thelurker… yes I am, and I promise not ever to step on you. ;-)

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Keep lurking for lurve!

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@GloPro I think I was just feeling sentimental. But the logical side of me said it was silly to sign up just to say one thing and leave. I decided that I would join in the discussions and see how it goes. I am an observer of, rather than a participant in, most social interactions, so much so that I do not consider being silent as something to be stood. It is my default. With the thought that I should perhaps get out of my head more often, here I am. I like it already.

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Wow! A bunch of storms move through, tear up whole towns, knock out my internet connection for a couple of days, and I miss ALL KINDS OF COOL STUFF!
This is AMAZING! I can see how you’d get a private laugh out of some conversations, but there are questions you MUST have wanted to jump in on.
I’m thinking you must be a spouse or best friend of a jelly who’s been here a few years, and you thought of it as THEIR thing mostly.
When I look through old threads there are some I feel jealous that I wasn’t here then to participate.
Welcome! Welcome, and please don’t wait four more years to speak up again.

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@Jonesn4burgers I won’t wait now, I promise. Thank you for finding this so cool. Are you especially jealous you weren’t here for the #1 cool Fluther thread, the marriage proposal? I wasn’t here then, either.

Nope, I don’t even know anyone who’s ever heard of Fluther except through me. My husband is the Fluther spouse. He used to see me prowling the threads and ask what I was reading about. He leaves me to volunteer that information now, after one day when my answer was “how to express dogs’ anal glands” ;)

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Yes, I read the marriage proposal, and yes, I am jealous to have missed that one.. I haven’t yet gotten to the very end, but that thread turns sad. Gosh! What a story though, to watch it unfold, real, human, as it was happening in people’s lives.

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@Jonesn4burgers I’ve heard of that thread, but I haven’t read it. Could you send it to me? Sounds like the making of a good movie or book.

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@Jonesn4burgers What?? I thought I had read the whole thing before, but did not see it turn sad. Now I will have to look again.

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The marriage proposal

Just gave that thread its 200th GQ!

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The proposal question is my favorite! I’m so jealouse I wasn’t there.

And this is a gem.

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^ That’s okay. I always think you’re @Allie. Well. That doesn’t change anything for you. But it does make me feel good. Or confused.

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Thank you?

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@AshLeigh I had not seen this one before. Hilarious!

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@thelurker, “Your girlfriend actually has a second nose in her vagina” KILLED me!

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@Jonesn4burgers Oh I see now which part you meant was sad. I did read that before, but thought you meant something worse!

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@AshLeigh Ditto. But the whole thread is making me laugh out loud. Not even done yet :) Thanks for that.

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@Kardamom, sent, It is sad the circumstances leading into the proposal. I have looked around to see how things go to follow. It’s just a beautiful love story, and the thread was so fun, and supportive.

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@Jonesn4burgers Nobody has heard news of @whatthefluther for a while and we’re not sure how bad things are but we are concerned.

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@janbb, I worry too. If you learn anything, please pass along the news. I would love to trade some banter with WTF. He strikes me as being very special. When I first saw the thread, my first thought was, “How corny”, but as I read on, I was so moved. Everyone was swept away by the event, and I loved seeing it unfold. I really am so jealous I wasn’t there during the then.

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@AshLeigh @thelurker Puts a whole new meaning to “Smell my finger…”

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@thelurker Thanks for being a member.

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@GloPro, hahahahahaah… haha… ha… Gross.

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@thelurker You said you didn’t discuss much, but now you just do, so enthusiastically ~

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@thelurker Thanks for the Thanks. You brightened our day.

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@AshLeigh I thought that was her G spot!

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@Mimishu1995 I thank Fluther for that as well, for the very warm welcome.

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@Dan_Lyons….. Nope. It’s a nose. Fiddle said so, and he’d never lie.

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The Bastard does not even know the meaning of lie. So, vagina nose.

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I wondered how you knew so much about my goose fetish being “new.” lol
The phantom of fluther unmasks themselves. Welcome! :-)

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