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What is your favorite way to eat eggs?

Asked by thelurker (494points) July 7th, 2014

I like mine best in two ways. One is hardboiled, with salt. The other, over-medium with steak seasoning, sandwiched between buttered slices of toast.

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Sitting up. They are hard to swallow when I am lying down.

Seriously – it depends on mood. Sometimes I go for over-easy on toast, really gooey. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a hearty omelette with lots of cheese. And sometimes hard boiled (or egg salad) is just what I want.

About the only one that I won’t have is soft-boiled in an egg cup. Childhood memories…

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Scrambled, dry.

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Ramsay style.
There is no better way to eat scrambled eggs.
Otherwise, soft boiled or poached.
Hard boiled is only for egg salad. On its own it is just horrible.

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Mixed into cake batter, or as part of a meat loaf, or in ice cream, or as part of a batter dip for certain deep-fried items or grown up into chickens, and then in innumerable chicken recipes.

Deviled eggs are pretty good, too.

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Hard boiled or over medium for me, too. Quail eggs, raw in sushi.

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I like soft boiled and over-easy best, but I also like hard boiled, scrambled, deviled and egg salad, too.

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Either over easy with toast or made into egg salad. When I make egg salad, I let it cool for a bit then eat it on toast or crackers.

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I love eggs—all ways—but I think my favorite is a mushroom and cheddar cheese omelet.

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Soft boiled, then I dip my toasted soldiers in the runny yolk.

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Scrambled most of the time. Fried egg sandwich at home is good too.

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…what, pray tell, is a “toasted soldier”?

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Oooh… omelettes and frittatas, too!!

I’ll venture a guess that a toasted soldier is toast that’s been cut into narrow strips that are ideal for dunking into the soft yolk.

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Over medium with salt, and buttered toast is the only way I will eat the unborn.

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Hard-boiled, no salt, or scrambled with cheese.

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Scrambled eggs. 7 eggs.
Bend the knee or be destroyed.

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Undercooked. Sucking the liquid of the egg is just awesome.

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Thirty years ago I would have said Eggs Benedict. Now I’ll take a 4½ minute soft-boiled with buttered soldiers

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Omelette with green pepper, onion, mushrooms and cheese. I make it white now, or only one whole egg and two additional whites.

If I wasn’t worried about my cholesterol I would eat more deviled eggs and more egg in my salads.

I also make a JL Benedict with open face English muffins, Canadian bacon, poached egg (now I just use microwaved egg whites) and a simple cheese sauce poured over top made with low fat milk and American cheese. I haven’t made that in a long time.

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# 1 favorite – Poached, on rye toast or a toasted English muffin.

#2 – Cold hard-boiled eggs with fruit and toast.

#3 – Fried, easy over, with extra-crisp bacon

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The only food I’m picky with other than junk food is eggs. I used to hate them, now I’m just ehh to them, but I eat them for the protein.

I’ll only eat them two ways: hard-boiled or raw.
Either way, I eat/suck them quickly to get it over with.

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I like Huevos Rancheros, eggs over easy, spicy chile sauce with green bell pepper, onions, tomato and celery, served on top of corn tortillas with rice and beans, or potatoes and beans.

I also like them deviled.

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There is this EXTREMELY awesome Vietnamese dish, where the best thing I can compare it to is a hearty diner breakfast. You get a grilled pork cutlet, shredded pork, and if the place means business, a little pork/ egg/ vermicelli noodle cake. Plus rice, pickled carrots and radish, scallions, and fish sauce. There’s a fried egg over easy on top of everything. You break the yolk over top and the rice and the pork absorb it until it’s this delicious savory mess.

It’s messed up that I still don’t know the real name of this dish. I just think of it to myself as the bitchin diner breakfast. I judge places so hard on the quality of this meal. When it’s done right, it’s truly a glorious thing. And it’s usually like eight dollars.

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@Haleth Don’t feel bad because you don’t know its name. I don’t know it either :(

It sometimes appears on the menu of various food stores around here, and they generally call it “grilled pork with fried egg”. There is one store that I went to and tried that thing an at that time the meat was quite sweet.

Maybe people from Ho Chi Minh City know its name. Just a guess.

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I can’t say there is an egg I don’t like. I made scrambled eggs with sauteed bell pepper and onions for dinner tonight. I made egg, sausage and cheese english muffins for the kids.

Deviled and over easy are also favorites.

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Ham and cheese omelet or over medium with toast are my favorite.

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Poached or between soft-hard boiled if I’m making an egg sandwich.

I like frittata and omlettes too. I like eggs most ways!

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My sweetie and I make a twist on eggs benedict that we call, Eggs Beneditto where we use Italian bread, a layer of fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, poached egg, hollandaise made with garlic, and fresh basil and/or oregano. It is wonderful!

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@hearkat: That sounds amazing. Can I steal it?

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I like all the egg dishes in my egg history, but one of my favorites is from my parent’s region of Mexio. It’s called sopitas con huevo—or tortilla crips with egg. Basically, cut up some tortillas into squares, fry them in some salted butter until light and a little crispy, then crack a couple of eggs into the tortilla crisps on the pan and scramble. Tastes delicious when you smother them in hot sauce afterwards. They’re like really lazy chilaquiles.

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Wow! ALL of these answers make me hungry! But I like my eggs best sans shell.

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@cookieman – Absolutely! just remember to give me credit ;-)

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