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What is an evil way to get revenge on your ex?

Asked by fuglyduckling (412points) July 7th, 2014

I know most of you wouldn’t do it, but what are some crazy or evil ways of getting revenge? (Don’t say moving on. Lets say that’s not an option.)

What I’m thinking of is getting with their best friend. Can’t think of anything else.

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Plotting, attempting or getting revenge makes one look desperate and weak. I would leave well enough alone.

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The only person to pay heavily will be you. Vengence and malice are the fruits of the poisoned tree that will prove distructive to you alone. And what about the innocent third party?

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You would have revenge sex? Doesn’t speak too highly of you.

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Tell him that you caught pregnant and decided to keep it/get rid of it depending on which would work better.

Tell him you have herpes.

Tell him you’ve been fucking his friend for a long time. you don’t even have to do it. just say it.

i wouldn’t do any of these things but i can think shit like this up all day long

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Living a happy and fulfilling life without them.

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Post that vid on the internet

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What’s that saying? Living well is the best revenge.

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Send any raunchy pictures you have of them to every adult in their family you have an email or phone number for.

Sign them up for all kinds of mailing lists for things they have no interest in. Keep doing it periodically, so they can’t unsubscribe all at once.

don’t do this. I’m just brainstorming here for fun.

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Revenge tells him that you’re still all about him, which is kind of flattering. Indifference is the best revenge. Nobody likes to think that they’re easy to forget.

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@canidmajor . . . That is true, but, the movies about revenge get the bigger box office.

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If I was about to get a divorce and my S.O. got all the retirement accounts I’d invest in something equivalent to Enron.

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Ignore the ex issue, move on and be successful. That will probably be the most upsetting. If you are obsessed with the ex and spend a lot of time and energy plotting stupid crap, that shows them that you’re still thinking about them.

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I’m assuming you mean LEGAL ways, right? Well, a voodoo curse always does the trick. That’s old school retribution. If you can’t find a proper gypsy or medium, you could always go the “girl” route and just slander her rebutation. Call her a slut, ruin her reputation to friends, etc.

I may not know much aboutpeople,butone thing I am 1000% sure on,is that Karma does NOT exist! You gotta make your own.

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Evil evil?? Really nasty evil? Something you wouldn’t do to your WORST enemy evil??? Taking a can of that expanding insulating construction foam that has a long hose on it , sticking it WAY up inside the exhaust pipe on their car and giving a sufficient application of foam, but not enough to be seen at the tailpipe afterwards.

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I have never done that. Have only heard of it being done. I am not THAT evil!

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”...what are some crazy or evil ways of getting revenge?”

Ignore them. Just completely ignore him, as if he doesn’t exist.

Human nature 101 tells us that people want what they cannot have. You may not think it’s working, but I assure you child, it will drive him crazy mad to discover that he has absolutely no affect upon your mind and emotions any longer. He will know that you are responsible for this pain he endures. Just ignore him. Banish him to solitary confinement, the worst sort of imprisonment.

This is a good evil crazy plan. Because while he’s fainting over his inability to get your attention, you are getting your own head on straight and becoming a better person who doesn’t need to satisfy her immature desire for revenge. I wouldn’t want to date a girl like that either.

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The best I’ve heard is raw shrimp in the shower curtain rod.

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Date their best friend. You’d be surprised at how many backstabbing friends there are out there.

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There is a way. Unfortunately it somehow includes moving on, but work on improving your appearance even more, looking as stunning as you can in any way you can. If he finds out that you look amazing, are doing things with your life, socializing and having fun, believe me, that is enough to make him boil on the inside. Enjoy yourself in an obvious way, look amazing and the rest will come.

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Sardines in the defrost vents in the car dash.

Getting arrested is a terrible way to go about moving on.

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What about stealing his diary via a friend and publishing it?

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^ That’s horrible.

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@fuglyduckling: What about stealing his diary via a friend and publishing it?

Once you’ve done that, in your fantasy, then what? How will that improve and enhance your life?

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Hmmm egg his car haha! or egg his face when you drive past his house, he’ll know it’s you either way so I guess it doesn’t really matter..I can’t think of something evil to do

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All of these things strike me as very immature. Revenge of this type seems very immature.

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@fightfightfight Eggs can ruin paint on both houses and cars. That’s pretty evil.

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@gailcalled I don’t know I’m just trying to come up with evil ideas.

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How have most of the responses on this question not been removed as “off-topic”?

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This woman I know actually did this: Called him and told him that she was bring treated for a non-specific urethritis type thing, and that the kindly family doc had given her medication for him, too. Of course he didn’t know that Flagyl is molecularly similar to antibuse, so she had him meet her at a bar and ordered up a couple giant Margaritas, and encouraged him to start his medication then and there. HAHAHAHA. ( She didn’t really have any infection and probably neither did he, she had this Flagyl around from something in the past)

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Sugar will NOT ruin the engine of his car, but he probably still believes it will, as most people do. Pour a little sugar on the ground by his gas tank and leave an almost empty bag of sugar there too.

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Sugar will not mess up an engine but liquid bleach will.

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Sugar may not harm the engine but it will plug up the filter.

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But cheap and easy to fix @kritiper.

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Indifference and life success would be my bet, but only if the ex was drama-prone him/herself. If your ex moved on with their life as well even your own indifference along with moving on with your own life wouldn’t be a big issue to either side here anyways. I’d have to ask the question what type of person would be obsessed with such a thing?

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I’ve done a lot of stupid immature revenge shit back in high school. While many were what you’d call “evil,” there is one that I pulled that everyone seems to think is just the worst.

Feeding him or her and his or her family their pet cat at a barbecue.

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@Dutchess_III Unless you aren’t aware of the exact problem and are far from a parts store.

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@Dutchess_III I did. I thought it was a proper retaliation for getting gonorrhea from her which she got by cheating.

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@kritiper Well, it’s still not as bad as having a trashed engine and are far away from a parts store. The point is revenge. Revenge means causing problems. So if they find themselves far away from a part store and having car problems, which they will eventually get diagnosed, then the mission is accomplished. My point is, sugar in the gas tank causes MINOR problems, not MAJOR problems, but most people don’t know that. As the Snopes article said, just leaving an empty sugar bag by the tank should freak the person out.

@Winter_Pariah Poor cat.

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@Dutchess_III “delicious” was the descriptor I believed was the most commonly used for that totally had it coming too that evil feline

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Mind is blown!

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