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How can I lose my virginity on my 21st birthday?

Asked by adromanify (7points) July 7th, 2014

Now I know that you guys are going to say this is desperate and that I should wait till the time is right but I don’t care. I know by now that the reason I haven’t lost it yet is because I can’t get with a girl, not by choice. I have lost all confidence in my self by always being called creepy where I never mean to be so. I am just a very shy person and won’t talk if I know nothing about the current conversations. Not to mention I see a correlation between being tall and quiet and creepy. So in all I want to lose I on my 21st because it would boost my esteem. I know it will. So I was thinking of making an ad on craiglist when I go down to Miami in September for my 21st weekend with some friends. I would chance it on meeting a girl at a club or a bar, but if you have understand now you know that isn’t even worth me trying. So please tell me how I can make this possible. I am tired of being judged after trying to be so nice to people. This would truly help me. message me adromanify@gmail.com if you would like to consult me on this.I am a straight male.

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By fucking.

On your twenty-first birthday.

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If you want to be sure, hire a prostitute/

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Um, I don’t find “tall and quiet” creepy, but I do find an ad for a hook-up creepy.

(The fact that you included your email makes me wonder if this is some sort of weird porn spam.)

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Find a desperate woman…braces, low self esteem… you know like you.

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