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So, what does "Shipped from US Shipping Center to International Destination" mean?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) July 8th, 2014

Eagerly awaiting my victoreen cdv-700 to come in the mail (yes, finally getting one :D)

Anyways, it’s status is “Shipped from US Shipping Center to International Destination”

Since ebay is using the stupid global shipping program to track this that’s all the info I have aside from it being in Kentucky, I am just wondering, does that mean that it has arrived in Canada already?

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I don’t think it has necessarily arrived in Canada yet, just that is left the last stop in the US and is headed into Canada. Hopefully it will be updated when it arrives at the first stop in Canada.

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It means it’s on a truck. It won’t be tracked again until it comes off the truck into a sorting facility.

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This is eBay’s completely rational and businesslike way to say “We’ve shipped it from the USA” without also adding “We can’t be held accountable for unexpected delays that may occur at border crossings”.

Surely, if there is a defect in the product’s export classification, or if the paperwork that describes it is in error, or if the customs pro forma invoice is incorrect, then that will be on eBay to correct. But goods get held up in various countries’ Customs areas all the time, and eBay can’t be responsible for when the country’s laws or policies change, or when new people are being trained and make mistakes that delay Customs clearance, or when a work stoppage occurs, or when a glut of other shipping simply overwhelms the Customs inspectors… and yadda and yadda and yadda.

“We shipped it from the USA,” is what you’re being told.

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No, it will say “Arrived in Canada” when it arrives in Canada. You just have to gut it out. You may yet watch the Final soccer match between Germany and Argentina (spoiler alert) next weekend.

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A bit of clarification -this is eBay you;re talking about, and eBay doesn’t do the shipping, the seller does. So concerns about your shipment should be directed to the seller.

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@zenvelo Actually with Global Shipping Program eBay has partnered up with Pitney Bowes shipping company (which they’ve been with for quite some time) eBay states once an item is shipped through GSP and makes its way to Kentucky (GPS headquarters) they claim they take care of it from there.


It means what it states, I cannot simplify it anymore than that.

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@pleiades Thanks. I haven’t bought on eBay in a while.

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@zenvelo Forgot to mention, You’re still correct if it’s domestic the seller is indeed responsible for the shipping! :D

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Alright, thanks guys.

And I say that the global shipping program sucks because it really does. Slower tracking for things most of the time, it adds some middle mad (pitney blows) that poke around in your package, and also have a history of cheaping out on the packaging, and even crushing boxes to get cheaper shipping, as well as import charges for things that wouldn’t normally have import charges.

Anyways ebay hasn’t changed but I do have an email from Canada post with a tracking number, though it is just for shipping information received shrugs

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