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Have you ever seen a World Class soccer team lose so miserably?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5449points) July 8th, 2014

Germany just scored its 7th goal…7–0 against Brazil!

I took the day off for this!!!?!?!

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@Dan_Lyons Poor choice for vacation day!

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Sorry, but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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So I go back to work tomorrow and Argentina and the Netherlands will probably go to penalty shots.


Oh…wait…wait!!!! Brazil Scored One!!!!!

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They were missing more than one key player during their match. It’s hard to recover from that (and I know because at the last cup, Germany had so many key players benched—it was aggravating how much that changed the team dynamic.) I wish Brazil the best of luck during the third place match, though.

But I’m not going to deny how ecstatic I am by Germany’s win :) My team won’t be third this year! Finally! And Klose broke the record! Ah, I’m so happy.

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it was a fantastic twenty minute stretch when most of the goals were scored @muppetish

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That Brazil team are not “world class” & never will be. They were lucky to get as far as the semi finals, a very poor team, filled with average players.
It’s a shame because they’re hosting the tournament for the first time since 1950 & it’s the worst Brazillian team in generations.
They are famed for playing with flair & attacking verve, the 1970 World Cup winning team & the 1982 best team not to win a World Cup, stand out as shining examples.
So like I say, the result came as no real surprise to me, they were a team waiting to be shown up by a solid team playing as a unit, passion & hope gets you only so far.
I picked Argentina before the tournament began & still fancy them to go all the way & lift the trophy, in a repeat of the Mexico 86 final.

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