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What do you make of the undocumented immigrants being flown into San Diego?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) July 8th, 2014

I don’t want to voice my opinion. I live here. Ok wait nevermind I will voice my opinion, as a citizen of this city I have met several back of the house workers in restaurants who are Mexican decent, and they are extremely hard workers and ask no questions and I would even argue they are thee backbone of the restaurant industry in California and most of the South West.

People say they are unskilled and become criminals, I just do not see that the case at all. People say they take Americans jobs… Well they get paid the same rate if not more than citizens who are applying and seem to do a better job from what I’ve seen.

They are quick in the kitchen, they learn fast, they take the heat, they wash the dishes they don’t talk back. These are classic hard working human beings who hustle hard. Hell they don’t live out of their means either.

Here is a great quote by one of my friends and ex coworker. “Why you stress cabrone? Me? I don’t have time to stress, always looking for work, always looking for the money. Stress is for lazy people cabrone.”

I won’t deny the fact though that the recent news seems to be a bit chaotic and they seem to be coming through the borders swiftly. Why hasn’t there been a filter system for even the poor citizens of Mexico to apply for a Visa? I hear it’s near impossible to qualify.

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