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How to play music on tv?

Asked by Questionsaboutstuff (265points) July 9th, 2014

I constantly get new podcasts downloaded and would like to play them when in the living room but how can I get my music from my pc to play on my tv with little effort?

I have a ipad, ps3 and an android media box as well as a xbox 360

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It really depends on the TV and which connectors it has.

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If you can connect your pc and your TV with an HDMI cable you could listen to your music from your TV easily. An HDMI cable is really cheap to buy. If the pc is far from your TV you can buy a long cable or an extention for it!

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It depends on Tv Brands and make sure you have the blue connector.

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I believe you would need an HDMI cable if you want both audio and video. You would have to see what video inputs are available on your tv.

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Aside from an HDMI cable, which I would recommend, if your tv has an AUX port you can plug your iPad into that and have just sound on the tv. My sister does that with her iPod sometimes when she exercises in the living room.

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