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Would you bid over $1,000 for a Burger King "Proud Whopper" Wrapper?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5452points) July 9th, 2014

It’s up for sale on eBay
Free Shipping! Time left:
4d 13h (Jul 13, 2014 17:39:30 PDT

If the seller gets reported he will have this listing closed down as he stated he would give half the earnings to some charity. This is against eBay rules.

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No. Is the Proud Whopper something that is not available at all Burger Kings?

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It’s pretty cool looking, but no, not worth my grand. I wonder if BK will sell proud whoppers again.
@jca According to the description, it was only sold at one location during a San Francisco gay rights parade.

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Although I wonder if Burger King opened a store inside a Hobby Lobby, would Burger King be allowed to use those wrappers?

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Man! There’s one born every minute.

Although that would look nice wrapped around something else.

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Looks like the “2” bidders are the same person. Look at their user names and bidding history. They’re probably the seller himself. BUT it has “free shipping!”

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No, but I wonder how difficult it might be to counterfeit them if the return is above a grand a pop?

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No. Why would I pay so much for a burger wrapper? Why would I pay anything for a burger wrapper, especially without the hamburger inside? Is there some kind of story behind this wrapper?

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It was sold in only one Burger King, in San Fran during a gay rights parade.

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What makes this auction violate eBay’s rules?

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@dxs “If the seller gets reported he will have this listing closed down as he stated he would give half the earnings to some charity. This is against eBay rules.”

@Dutchess_III eBay does not allow sellers to bid on their own items. The bidder probably placed the minimum bid and then decided to add a higher ceiling. The increased funding will not show up on the bidder page until another member tries to outbid this bidder.

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@Dan_Lyons Yeah I read that but I don’t get it. Why does it violate the rules?

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Because, if you want to tell your potential bidders in your listing that part of the winnings will go to charity, the rules at eBay force you to choose a listed charity. You cannot simply state you are donating some of the funds to… oh, say… the Katrina Fund way back when Katrina struck.

I learned the hard way, stating in many listings that I planned to donate ten % of all winnings. I got reported by competitors and the listings removed. Since all the multiple offenses were a first offense I got off easy. But all the listings were pulled and I had to re-list after taking out all references to charity.

Apparently some good fellow at the bay management thought it was just too tempting to sway bidders to your listing this way and then maybe not even give any to the Katrina Fund. (It was like they were reading my mind).

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Nope. If I had that amount of spare cash I would donate it to the legal funds of all the couples fighting for equality in states where you would least expect it.

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