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Gramatically speaking, does this sentence sound awkward to you?

Asked by rockfan (6959points) July 9th, 2014

“Come join us in celebrating our tenth anniversary!”

I’m editing an invitation, and I don’t think it sounds right. Should I change it to something else?

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I think it’s fine as is, but other choices might include:

“Come join us to celebrate our tenth anniversary.”
“Come join our tenth anniversary celebration.”
“Come help us celebrate our tenth anniversary”

Any of these are also fine but strictly a matter of personal taste., but you could get a bit more playful like:

“We’re celebrating our tenth anniversary but it won’t be complete with you.”

And I’m sure you’ll get many other suggestions.

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Perfectly sound sentence.

^ The “might” is unnecessary.

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The more I think about it, the more I like the sentence exactly the way it is. Here is my reasoning. I am going to assume that you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, but the same line of reasoning works for other types as well.

I am going to put myself in the position of someone receiving the invitation.. I am willing to join you in celebrating, but technically I am not doing any celebrating. You two are nice people and I am glad to know you, but the duration of the relationship between the two of you is not of any particular significance to me. I can understand how it is important to you and I would be very glad to be an accessory to your celebration.

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I don’t like the gerundal word (celebrating)

I would reword as “Join us as we celebrate our tenth anniversary.”

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@elbanditoroso I’m assuming you mean gerundial. Pretty sure gerundal isn’t a thing.

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@livelaughlove21 – I never thought that the extra “i” added anything to that word.

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I think the words Come and Join are saying the same thing, therefore redundant. Try Join us or Come celebrate as your lead-in.

Congrats and have fun with your celebration!

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I prefer “Join us…” since it would be more proper to say “Come and join us…” or “Come, join us…”, and both of those options would look awkward on your invitation.

Your question title is definitely awkward, since you have misspelled “grammatically”.

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I just noticed the typo

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It’s fine. So are the other possibilities mentioned above.

Congratulations from me also.

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I wonder if other languages are as versatile as English?

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