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What is KIK and can someone else create or edit it for you without you knowing it?

Asked by ellahlor (19points) July 9th, 2014

A friend of mine recently discovered her 12 year old daughter loaded the KIK ap on her Ipod after being told she couldn’t. She has also seen some very inappropriate and vulgar messages coming to her. She is claiming someone else set up her account and put vulgar content on her account which is the reason why she’s getting all the unsolicited attention. I’m thinking shes fully aware of what she’s doing and is trying to avoid getting in trouble. Neither of us know much about KIK at all. Anything you can share is much appreciated.

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KIK is a messaging system just like iMessage. From the wikipedia article on KiK :

Automated spam bots have been used to distribute explicit images and text over Kik Messenger

Your friend should have it deleted from the daughter’s phone.

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Sound like time to remove iPod from daughter. Maybe for a six month time.

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It smells fishy to me. Her parents should definitely be using parental controls on her devices. Here’s an article on setting up parental controls for the iPad.

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The thing with KIK is that it is heavily known on Instagram as a hook up “tag.” Not necessarily meet and greet, but to send videos or photos back and forth. On Instagram with a KIK it’s probably most likely sexual. On Tumblr universe the KIK tag is probably used by teens to send photos of their faces back and forth. It’s truly social media flirting, or photo sexting.

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