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Does anyone here have a Youtube channel?

Asked by LornaLove (9215points) July 9th, 2014

If you do, how is it doing?

Have you ever considered having a channel on Youtube? If so, what would it be about?

I am a total Youtube addict!! It’s better than TV anyday, agree or disagree?

Oh and any tips for people starting their own channel?

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I have a YouTube channel ,but never used it, and yeah I think YouTube is great as well, I love old comedy sitcoms and find whole series on YouTube.

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Yeah. I load videos of my kids up to it.

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I had to make a Google account for a college intro-writing class, so I guess I do.

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OP included asking how to start up. I point this out because I would also like to know.

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Just…create an account like you would anything else, and just start playing around.

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I only have one so I can subscribe to people.

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I.have a YouTube channel. Not many people watch my videos. I don’t have any tips for you. Just do it. I love watching the great videos that other people generate. How to videos are especially helpful to me.

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I’m the only one who CAN watch my videos!

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I do. There are only a couple of high speed videos posted. Nothing interesting.

For entertainment I prefer to watch Vimeo. The quality of the work is fantastic and it is all original. You will not find dozens (hundreds?) of videos of the same clip stolen from the owner.

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The thing like about it is if someone I follow posts a new video it automatically posts to my channel, like these guys. They are freakin’ HILARIOUS!!

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Yeah, periodically I have had to share videos and it’s the easiest way.

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I have one for work, and I recently created a personal one as a method of sharing testing videos with National Geographic (we participated in a special on canine cognition).

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I had one, back to the day when I was still a Sherlock Holmes crazy fan. I used it a lot, to subscribe to Sherlock Holmes videos and to comment on those videos.

I don’t know what happens to that channel now. I just can’t log in.

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Is there a fee?

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I only have a channel so I can comment and subscribe. I do have some videos of me playing the piano posted but those are private. I most likely will not ever start a YouTube channel just because some people can be too negative and overly critical. I don’t believe there is a fee for having a channel but you can become a partner where you can earn money thru ads inside your videos.

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@Jonesn4burgers It appears you can put adverts on your video that way you earn a payment. I think they are called ADSens. You also earn on having 10 000 subscribers. (A lot!). It’s free to load and you can also open a Google page to get ‘seen’ and network with similar people who are loading similar videos. This is like a fan page I guess, then more people see your channel. (I did some reading). I’ll keep you posted if I find out more.

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@Jonesn4burgers Not sure what I’d do a video channel about, but I see that cute animals do well. Funny videos etc., If Youtube likes your content (and it gets loads of views quickly) they start to promote your channel. Or you can feature your videos, I suspect one would pay for that. Some people apparently buy subs but I think this is regarded as bad practice. It’s quite nice for passive income I reckon. If you can find a good niche and be yourself and get viewers.

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Thanks! I have thought it would be fun to dabble on YouTube, but I somehow got the idea that a fee is charged to post there. I may yet dabble. Thanks for the info, @LornaLove.

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No, it doesn’t cost anything to post there.

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