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Do you use the Swiffer Wet Jet?

Asked by jca (35976points) July 9th, 2014

I don’t have one, never used one. I am also opposed to throwaway types of things that take up space in landfills.

However, more than one person told me they love the Swiffer Wet Jet.

I know that the appliance is cheap and then the pads are not so much, but I can get them at Costco if I wanted to, for less.

Do you have a Swiffer Wet Jet or know anybody who does, and if so, what is your opinion of it?

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Yes, and I like it. Works great on sticky food droppings and cat-cidents.

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I have one. I like it. I don’t mop my floors nearly as much as I should, but with no kids (and a dog that promptly cleans up any food dropped on the floor), I have a hard time convincing myself to mop when there is no visible dirt or sticky stuff on it.

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Yes, I do. Yes, it’s convenient for most wettish things. It’s better than a mop. Not as good as being on your knees scrubbing.

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I would marry mine if I could.

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I have one, but I think my sponge mop works better. And, just like anything else, you have to do the edges on your hands and knees.

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I have a Black & Decker steam mop. The pads are machine washable, and last very well. It works great for spots, and the whole floor. It isn’t meant for cleaning puddles, but a sticky mess comes up nicely, and it leaves my floors shimmery. Of course, nothing gets right up against the wall like bending those knees. (Hey, Dutchess beat me on that comment!)
@cookieman, I gotta love seeing a man’s point of view on things sometimes. You crack me up.

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It’s fine. I would prefer one with refillable cleaning solution as well as washable pads, but I make due with mine.

Real mops do a better job.

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I think they do a better job too. You can scrub harder with them, plus they have that scrub pad on the front for tougher jobs.

I like @jca POV about not using disposable stuff.

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As an alternative since you are opposed to waste they have microfiber rewashable flat mops. It’s what I use. Picks up more is not as heavy and doesn’t leave excess fluid of an old school mop. Also is easy to use on walls, ceiling, shower guard or whatever. Just throw it in the wash with a load of microfiber rags when done. For tough caked stuff you can set your foot on top of the mop and apply more force. If it is really bad you can presoak it. You can also buy multiple covers. I have even seen patterns for knitting covers for them. So they last forever.

Before I found the mop I recommended I did try Swiffer once. I did not like how many pads you had use because at the time my entire apartment was tile. I practically used the box in one go.

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I dont have one at home, but I do at work, and I hate it. I dont know what they put in the cleaner for it, but it leaves a “film/residue” on the floors thats noticeable. Like after I get done using it all I see are foggy streaks on the floor. They smell great though!

At home I use the Shark Steam Mop. I love that! It was a little pricey but well worth it. You only need water, the pads are washable and no chemicals! Which is great if you have kids that play on the floors or animals (like me) that like to eat food that falls on the floor.

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I have used one before but didn’t really like it. Buying pads plus cleaner can add up. I use a Swiffer, just a pad one and I like it better.

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I have a steam mop with washable sponge type things. I don’t like the diaper thingos of the swiffer and they always broke, the lines quit squirting, ehhh.

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I just use water and vinegar.

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@Dutchess_III: I know how to clean the floor. To me, the best way is to get on my hands and knees with a wet rag and keep rinsing and wringing out the rag, but it’s not the most efficient way, labor-wise and after I do that I feel like my clothes are dirty and I need a shower.

My question is about the Swiffer because someone told me it’s good.

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I was talking to those in general who use premixed cleaners.

I’m with you @jca. Hands and knees is the best way. And yeah, you do feel dirty, but oh so so clean after you take a shower!

Occasionally hubs will mop and it’s glaringly obvious where he missed because he couldn’t get the mop there, like beside and behind the toilet and in the corners.

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@jca I am blown away by your post, above!
I’ve never used a Swiffer but I love my Bissell steam mop. The cover can be a major pain to put on, though.

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