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If you were throwing a party and you found out that one of your potential guests was a very picky eater, or had some type of dietary restrictions, would you try to accommodate them? If so how?

Asked by Kardamom (28244points) July 9th, 2014

I would say about 40% of the people I know have some type of dietary restriction, or they have picky tastes regarding food. The dietary restrictions are due more towards religious beliefs and health concerns. I can really only think of three people that are just picky. Anyway, I’m totally used to accommodating people’s dietary needs and tastes. I’ve heard that other people are not so accommodating and might not even invite someone they knew to have a dietary restriction or picky tastes.

I’ve heard people say things like, “Well, I have a specific theme and I’m not going to change it to accommodate Rob and his weird habits.” or “I’m not cooking a separate dish just because so and so doesn’t like what I’m planning to make.” It kind of bums me out to hear things like this, because to me, the company is way more important than the food.

If I’m inviting people over for a food themed party, I will generally ask, ahead of time, if anybody has any food restrictions and try to work around that.

What are you willing to do to accommodate a potential guest’s dietary concerns?

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