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Can you give me advice on what I should do with my life right now?

Asked by dxs (14554points) July 9th, 2014

I currently work at a hotel. I love working here, but there are a few problems. The biggest, I think, is the owner. He is a BIG. JERK. He’s old, but the things he does and says are terrible. He doesn’t care to make a fool of me in front of people or constantly tell others and me what we “should” be doing, but don’t even think about suggesting he do anything. He’s always right. He discriminates people based on age, race, and sexual orientation. Not only is this illegal where I am, it totally goes against my morality (and I have to think of some other way to ward off people). Normally, when people see through this, I’m the one who ends up dealing with it since I feel like I’ll be getting in trouble for it. In fact, I defend him for any customer dispute because all he does is verbally attack people and say offensive things.

All of this (and much more I didn’t mention) makes me want to get the hell out of here, but there are effects of that. First, this will likely cause problems with my aunt. I think it will put a wrench in relationships between my parents, her, and I (as if there aren’t any already). Second, he refuses to hire people because that means less revenue, so the only people who clean all 50 of these rooms are three people, me being the only one under 50 years old.
So what do I do if I leave? Well I can see if my parents will let me stay at their place. They probably will. But there, I won’t have anyone to buy and cook food for me (I hate cooking and my aunt cooks and buys me food) and I doubt I’ll be able to find a job. There’s not much to do down there either. I don’t see eye to eye with my parents (or with my aunt really). I’ll be away from that horrible owner even though I like the job. Oh and I can go to a gym there…there are no gyms nearby here.

I’m lucky enough to have a place to stay, but which one do you think is best? Should I stick it out for the summer or pack it in?
My brother is going to be visiting here in a few days, so that should be good. I have to say, I’ve been treating my aunt pretty poorly lately because of all of the frustration I’ve been holding in, but she tends to side with the owner a lot.

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