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How can I get rid of a spam email that won't allow me to delete it?

Asked by Coloma (47015points) July 9th, 2014

I have two email accts. one I rarely use but keep active and there has been a spam mail in a shaded box at the top of my inbox for weeks that I cannot seem to be able to delete. What is going on here?

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Err… What kind of email account are you using @Coloma? Yahoo! Mail?

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More details needed. Who is your email provider and what client are you using?

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This is an old AT&T sbcglobal acct. I rarely use but keep around for occasions as an alternate.
There is a top email that has no box to check for deletion, I have tried everything but cannot find a way to make it go away.

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I also have an sbcglobal account and I had the same annoyance.

If you use Firefox, downloading and activating Adblocker Plus should remove it, and block all such future spam from your inbox.

Otherwise, deleting one of your other emails should also delete the pest.

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Try dumping the entire spam folder instead of just the one message.

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@Brian1946 Aaaah…so I am not crazy here. lol
Yes, I use firefox so I’ll try the Adblocker thing but the header email spam does not go away when I try to delete everything. Thanks!

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