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If animals show signs of god worship, would humans stop eating them?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26791points) July 10th, 2014

We see animals gather together daily or once a week, look up at the sky to chant, perform worship ceremonies then disperse after an hour. If they are confined like some chickens and pigs, they assemble and do the same.

Would we as humans develop second thoughts about consuming them-?

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I don’t know. It depends on who the “God” is, whether the “God” is the same as human’s one, and what the animals learn from “God”.

And most importantly, whether human know they are worshiping God, or think they are just screwing around.

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Probably. Western culture mostly eschews eating animals that appear to worship man, i.e. dogs, horses, etc.

On the other hand, if the object of their affection seemed to be a 3rd party, we’d likely round the ring leaders up and BBQ them. Of course, it would be rare that we’d give them the opportunity to congregate.

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Not at all. In fact I would eat more of them. If animals are brainwashed to deities like humans are they should be put out of their misery.

The other question: which deity are the animals praying to? What would Kosher meat be? Would you only be able to eat animals that had prayed to the Jewish god?

What’s next? Circumcising cows?

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@elbanditoroso—LOL and AMEN!

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No, god also decided we need protein too, so sucks for them.

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Depends on the nation we’re talking about.

Dogs clearly worship God (humans).

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@elbanditoroso Definitely amen! But how on earth do you circumcise a cow?

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@dxs – no idea. It boggles the mind. Sort of like grabbing the bull by the horns and ....

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Humans are pretty good at justifying doing whatever they feel like.

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Sounds like they would make ideal, docile victims.

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The only thing that would stop me from eating meat is if pigs, cows, and chickens learned to speak a human language. Short of that, pass the bacon please!

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Interesting. Inversely, is it okay for us Christians to eat Atheists?

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@filmfann – don’t. We’ll give you indigestion.

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@filmfann Uh, if the atheists are cows, sure.

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We will likely doubt that they are praying to our god and see that as extra reason to kill them.

At least, that is how we treat other humans.

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I agree with both @elbanditoroso and @thorninmud

As always, more intelligent and open minded types are always open to adjusting their beliefs when new information comes into the system, but the majority would continue to justify whatever they wanted to. I already think animals are superior to humans and I have long worshipped the goose god, Marwyn, wise Gooswami of the hills.
Ruffle one feather on his beautiful body and I will do you in and bury you where you will never be found. lol

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So if a pig went to confession would it go something like this…
“Forgive me father for I have sinned, I gave my boyfriend a blow job, sucked on his sausage & that makes me a cannibal”

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@ucme. Tacky. But funny nonetheless.

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@elbanditoroso Thanks for the running commentary, you should grab the mic more often…no, wait!

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This discussion leads me to consider a life form higher on the food chain then us. An alien perhaps.

This isn’t so much about god as sentients and how we rate on the food chain. Culture comes into play as some cultures eat pets.. Etc. is it fair to eat meat? Well a lot of animals do. And we do need the nutrients… But if it was us in danger i think we would be more thankful to the animals for their sacrifice.

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@Unbroken “This isn’t so much about god as sentience and how we rate on the food chain.”

Exactly. We already know that animals are social, have emotions, and feel pain. If none of these things makes us want to be vegetarian, then finding out they worship a deity is not going to do it.

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I would have to reconsider eating them. Worship requires thought. Not much, but eating sentient animals brings my question up again. How intelligent must an animal be before one has qualms about eating it. PETA has a legitimate point, and as much as I like hamburgers and bacon, it’s probably a very good thing if all of us are reminded how that pork chop came to be.

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@stanleybmanly One can be aware of “how that pork chop came to be” without embracing a wacko organization like PETA. They are not the only group that advocates for animals, and they do a significant amount of harm.

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Wacko or not, they raise issues that are too readily ignored regarding the factory farming of animals. And to their credit, I’m placed in the difficult position of defending the argument that it is somehow ethical to torture , then kill a creature simply because it tastes good. I mean it’s certainly possible to live today without consuming animals. Can I pretend that the animal is indifferent to torture or slaughter?

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@stanleybmanly I give PETA credit for nothing. They do more harm than good. Lots of people help animals without their publicity, and deserve it more (look at Temple Grandin, for instance). I have no idea how your lack of indifference relates to what PETA does. You don’t have to pretend anything – any more than you have to turn a blind eye to what PETA really is.

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Never. The similarities between “us” and “them” are countless. So far, we have always been able to find something which is uniquely “us”. As soon as that is disproved, we move on to the next “fact”. No trouble at all.

And while I am a vegetarian, I’m including myself – I eat eggs, I drink milk, I wear leather shoes.

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@dappled_leaves I don’t understand the phrase “how your lack of indifference relates to what PETA does.” And as for turning a blind eye——perhaps I don’t see what YOU see when I look. I’m not trying to pick a fight, but perhaps you should tell me what “PETA really is.”

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Proponants of

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