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Why doesn't my company fire people?

Asked by chelle21689 (6831points) July 10th, 2014 from iPhone

Instead they let the person resign themself instead of doing the actual firing. Does it have to do with unemployment and saving money??

There’s also employees they don’t want there that suck but they don’t want to fire them.

P.s I still like my job but hate management so much being nitpicky. Feels like they’re trying to make me quit

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Could you remind me again of what your specific job is and what the company does? There seems to be lots of confusion, also, with the management hierarchy that I never quite understood.

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It’s much more dignified, and significantly less painful, to quit rather than be fired. Even if a person has no real choice, it’s better to make the decision and walk away with some composure intact.

Also, when the individual interviews for a new job, he can honestly say that he resigned from his last position. As a bonus, he should refuse to talk about the circumstances and seem like a loyal, classy person who doesn’t gossip or tell nasty stories about previous employers.

Many companies give people this opportunity to leave voluntarily instead of being sacked.

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In my state, an employee who quits is not eligible for unemployment. If I fire an employee, I have to prove gross misconduct or a documented history of notification of issues and failure to improve in order to avoid being responsible for unemployment.

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I had a choice. I let them fire me. I got unemployment.

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Too bad our state doesn’t have to prove anything. Kansas can fire for any reason, or no reason at all.

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Most jobs are “at will”, they can fire you without a reason. The unemployment payment will be made for a fired or laid-off person unless the employer shows employee actions that border on illegal.

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If you quit you usually cannot get unemployment. Also, if the employee quits the company has less risk of law suits.

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