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Are random online stores safe?

Asked by nikipedia (28071points) July 6th, 2008

Froogle tells me I can spend anywhere from $60 to $923 on an iPod nano. Is there any reason I should not buy from an online store selling iPods for $60? I have no concerns about buying from, say, eBay, but am somewhat more nervous about buying from a website I’ve never heard of, like

(For bonus points: is there any good reason I should opt for a more recent generation of nano, or can I cheap out and get an older version?)

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well to answer the second question, the recent ones have video, the old ones dont

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it’s funny you ask this question because i am going to ask one tomorrow about how much i can get for my friend for selling her 5th generation 60 GB iPod Nano. she wants at least 200 for it, but i think i can get more since she is one of those OCD girls who bought it and put it straight into an iPod cover so it works perfectly and has no scratches.

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If you want a cheap iPod Nano I have one. It is 4 Gigs and is kinda scratched up. It is the video one and silver. I haven’t used it since I got my iPod Touch. I will sell it for cheap. I will even mail it to you and if you don’t want it you can send it back. Pay me for it or you can send it back. You can have it for 50$.

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When I was looking for some guitar parts I had good luck with a few stores that I would consider random and off the radar.

I look for who they use for credit card processing like Yahoo stores, Google checkout Amazon payments, or Paypal. I wouldn’t shop at a place that uses their own checkout system and that I wasn’t familiar with because you don’t know how your credit card information will be stored and how secure it really is.

Also processors like yahoo stores, google checkout amazon, and paypal make it where you can get the amount charged back if something goes wrong easier than trying to go through the company that mishandled the transaction to begin with. Not easy or fast, but easier than hard.

Don’t forget to check Rip Off Report and Biz Rate and see what complains are out.

Consumer Depot is listed at Rip Off Report and their site is unresponsive for me.

Also follow the old saying and just watch out for too good to be true deals.

Bonus, I like my 1st gen black nano. It doesn’t have video but it plays music better than anything else. If you don’t have any videos in your iTunes library, don’t bother with a newer one. Also check out the Apple Store Online for refurbished units that come with an Apple warranty.

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what kind of iPod nano costs $923? Must be iced.

I personally like the style of the older skinny nanos if its just for music.

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I agree. The second generation ones were awesome. The video nano always felt weird in my hand. The 2G ones always felt like an extension of my hand. I really wanted video in a small package so I bought the 3G Nano. It was nice to watch The Daily Show on the bus so it was worth the trade-off.

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@ebenzer, i have a 2nd generation nano, but i have to say the third gen ones feel so good in my hand. they are so skinny and small but the screen looks so nice

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yea that site would be safe.

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