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What, in your opinion, was the most interesting or unusual tidbit revealed on Fluther?

Asked by thelurker (494points) July 10th, 2014

To clarify, I mean information revealed by a Jelly, perhaps offhand, but in any case with no further explanation.

For me, it was LuckyGuy’s mention of carrying around a device to turn off (or rather, turn down) waiting room TVs. I did not know such devices existed, and I thought that was awesome!

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Shhhh! You’ll get me in trouble. ;-)

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Well..everyone knows I have a fetish for geese, light bulbs and happy brownies. lol
The most interesting tidbits are finding out the gender bits of those mysterious assexual names. I have been surprised more than once to discover someone was not the man or woman I thought they were. haha

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@LuckyGuy I think you can handle it.

@Coloma I knew about the other stuff, but I missed the light bulb fetish.

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We have a user who has fluthered from Antarctica. She wore her Dr, J shirt when she was there and took a pic to prove it.

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@thelurker Yes, I like unusual light bulbs and mood lighting. haha

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OMG, @LuckyGuy, I NEED that! If I’m the only person waiting, I’ll walk up to the set to try to find a way to turn it off. I hate that noise pollution.

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I don’t think we are allowed to mention people by name in these sorts of questions (I’ve been told-off by the headmistress for lurve-garnering), so, in general…

I’ve learned that every single person has insecurities and hot-button topics. This isn’t a bad thing. Not at all.

I’ve learned how human we all are and how I can come to like a person while disputing his/her pov.

Is that a tidbit?

More specific-like, I learned this

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@Coloma Your fetish for lightbulbs is a tidbit for me today :)

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Gourd. My kingdom for a list of things that @Coloma has revealed that I didn’t want to know! ~

I lurve you, ya old gooseherd.

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It was interesting to find out a few Jellies are from my area.

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@Coloma ”… gender bits…” or perhaps you meant gander bits?

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@Adagio Yes, and my coined title of “Trans-gander.” lol

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Lisa/Auggie was an amazing leader. Now, we have to prove ourselves as a community that was guided by her hand.
We can function the way Auggie intended. We can guide ourselves, and more importantly, welcome new jellies.

We don’t need more mod restrictions. Let’s police ourselves.

Be kind to newbies.
Take your personal attacks to personal message, and keep it off the public board.
Be adult.
Be fluther.

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@Blueroses That’s one Fluthery statement.

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@Blueroses I wasn’t aware of the name-mentioning thing. Thanks for letting me know.

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