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Can the general public trace my IP address on FaceBook?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) July 10th, 2014

I have an anonymous guise on FaceBook which I use for my record collecting comments. I don’t want anyone to know my location, can they find my location simply by looking up my profile? I currently have nothing related to my address…

And trust me! I’m not being sketch or anything, I just don’t want the record labels to know who’s asking since I’m about 95% sure that I’m the only one from my specific city who orders all the time from these record labels and I don’t want them to put a face to the name.

Thanks in advance!

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Since Facebook collects data and uses it for any purpose, as you gave your tacit consent when you signed up for an account
there is no privacy right on that website.

Whether a secondary company can track you through your facebook activity depends mostly on “how easy is it to hack facebook data?” and “how interesting are YOU that a company would invest the time in doing that?”

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Use a “proxy server” while on FB. But @Blueroses is right that the reason for FB existence is to collect information on the clients.

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Yeah but the OP is asking if the general public can access his information, not FB itself.

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@jca so my answer is correct.

Are YOU worth hacking data?

As much as we like to think we are interesting, the answer is NO.

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Keep in mind that if you followed a link to one of their own servers that is almost certainly logged on the labels servers. So if they were really cared and you did click on links posted they could probably track you down. It isn’t really rocket science.

I spend five bucks a month for a droplet on Digital Ocean and set it up to use as a VPN. I used this guide. About ten people use it if they want to mask their identity, be safe on Starbucks wifi, or reliably stream Netflix.

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@Blueroses Did you read the details or OP? I’m asking if record labels can access my IP address.. I’m not asking if I’m worth it or not… I’m asking if record label got curious about my account and wanted to see if I was ordering from them could they track my IP address to my “specific” city, because I don’t want them to track me down and know who’s commenting on the FaceBook.

Huge difference…

Btw these are lower tier indie ma and pa type labels who aren’t owned by BMG, Universal, RCA or anything like that…

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@Blueroses: My response to you is “read what @pleiades just wrote.”

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Think about this – I get ads showing local property values. If they were not passing on IP data, how would the advertisers know what city I lived in?

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In Facebook you can lock down your privacy settings and you can also do that on your device – I have done these things and am pretty sure that no casual FB user can find my location. If you seriously don’t want to be found out, go back through all your content and remove geotags. You can also change the audience for all your past content in a single click – but that can’t be undone.

As others noted, if you follow links to content outside of FB, the servers of that site will have your info. In your FB privacy settings, choose Apps and disable all of those that allow third party sites and service to see/use your FB identity. Note that FB does not carry all settings over to all browsers or devices, so you have to go through the settings on each device and browser you use. The Ads setting similarly allows you to opt out of FB using your I for their ads. Your browser settings may also allow you to disable these permissions.

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Web server progams log the details of incoming connections, including the originating IP address. Facebook has access to this information from their own server logs. They may or may not choose to share this information with others. If those others are advertisers or otherwise paying Facebook for access to information, then they may well have access to it.

It’s possible but difficult for third parties to access this information without getting it from Facebook, via a man-in-the-middle attack, malware on your device, or other means I haven’t thought of. It isn’t especially likely.

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If they simply clicked on your profile, no, they could not find out where you lived or your IP address. Not unless you have your current city listed, which I assume you don’t.

To my understanding, even if someone had your IP address, the only thing they could find out is your approximate location, not exact street address. ISP’s only give out that info through court order.

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