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What do you do when your 22 year old only wants to play video games?

Asked by Garebo (3173points) July 10th, 2014

My son graduated over a year ago with honors in engineering, worked for three summers then as an intern at my company. But was rejected for a more flamboyant individual-a “rock star”. The whole thing was done in a very unprofessional crappy way. He is quiet and reserved, but so was his manager who liked him. I believe the real reason was the already present cronyism in my company, and no more of it. Since then he has done nothing but play video games like a Count Dracula- play all night, sleep all day, now for over a year, with no aspirations to get a job or improve his lot in life. He has a few close friends all working that he continues to play with at night. No drugs, limited drinking, doesn’t seem to be suffering from depression, no carnal girl friends- just apathetic and stay at home. He does help out enough with house chores begrudgingly, and is now running out of all his savings. He feels hopeless with very low self-esteem. I’ve tried threats, but they end up being false threats. I want to help him but he keep pushing back and ignoring my advice. I suggest he see a professional since we can’t get thru to him, but he feels they are just as whacked and only want to prescribe drugs.
He is very intelligent, honest, reserved, but rudderless and addicted.
It is causing us severe anguish.
If anyone has remedied this nightmare I would like to hear about it.

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