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Sort-of tech Q: How do I print something from Facebook (please see details)?

Asked by canidmajor (11544points) July 11th, 2014

I would like very much to print a screen capture of some of my PM exchanges off of Facebook but I don’t know how to A) do a screen capture or B) print that. I’m working off of a 4 year old Toshiba laptop.

Can any kind, tech-savvy soul here help me with step-by-step instructions?

Thank you

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One option is to go to Settings -> Download a copy of your facebook data.

Once it’s downloaded, your conversations will be stored in an html file. You can edit/print/copy whatever you’d like.

If you’re really just looking for screen capture, there are many options including some decent Chrome extensions.

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Depending what your computer is, there should be a hotkey for print screen (mine is FN + prtsc, for instance). If you google your model and “print screen”, you should find it pretty quickly. This will copy a screenshot to your clipboard. Then paste it somewhere you can print from (say, a Word document) and the rest should be obvious.

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@hominid and @dappled_leaves: Thank you, I’ll try these! I have photographed the relevant exchanges, but it seems such a clumsy way to keep a record of this.

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I like PicPick, which can be downloaded as a free (‘for personal use’) terminate-and-stay-resident program in memory, which allows annotating and highlighting, full-screen or partial-screen captures, and a lot of other features, including capturing the mouse pointer or not, which can be real handy at times..

As @hominid mentioned, there are tons of these applications. (Windows7 includes some native capability beyond simple full-screen captures, but I haven’t played with it much at home yet. Still using XP at work.)

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If you’re using Firefox, there’s a great free add-on that lets me convert any Webpage or block of text to a PDF. There’s probably a similar add-on for any other browser.

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@Pachy , how to I find this add-on? (I really am swimming in ignorant waters, here)

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Whatever browser you’re using, go the menu item called Tools and under that you’ll find “Add-Ons.” Clicking that takes you to a page of choices of different kinds of add-ins.

Search for PDF or Convert to PDF (in Firefox it’s called ”“Convert Webpage to PDF”), and when you have that item selected, follow the simple instructions to install it.

Close and then restart your browser you’ll see a little icon at the top of Firefox. Pick any Webpage, click on that little icon, and voila, the page when start converting to a PDF file that winds up on your desktop. PM me if you’d like any help with this.

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You can also just highlight the text and copy it.

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That wouldn’t help with a screen capture, @ARE_you_kidding_me.

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pm exchanges will copy and paste as text just fine.

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See my above post, @ARE_you_kidding_me , I want a screen capture not simply a copy/paste.

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Function—> print screen like mentioned above. Paste into paint to save and crop.

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What about print screen and than paste in Paintbrush?

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On a PC I use print screen a lot. I simultaneously press Ctrl+Alt+“Print Scrn / SysRq” keys. The use of Ctrl+Alt captures just the active window. Eg If I did that right now it would capture just this browser window, not the whole screen with a bit of my desktop showing and the Outlook window underneath icons etc.

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