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Should I stay in this club if I'm not appreciated?

Asked by Feta (925points) July 11th, 2014

I’m on the yearbook committee at my school.
I joined because I’m really interested in photography and journalism and I noticed that the preppy girls that were on it can hardly use their DSLRs and I have 6 years experience with cameras.

The teacher who runs the club knows about my experience and she is also aware of my ability to write because I put all of my experience on my resume for the club.

I’ll be a senior this year, I worked on the yearbook last year before I was even a member and did the senior pages and checked the horrible grammar on the pages I didn’t do.

I even corrected a few mistakes that the girls who have been on yearbook since they were freshman made.
I triple-check every page I do.
Once I was sick so another girl did one of my senior pages and I found 4 mistakes that would have gone uncorrected.

But this is all she has me do. Check grammar.
When I completed my senior pages she didn’t give me any other jobs aside from putting receipts into the computer while the other girls got to sit in the back and talk arrange pictures and design the pages.

I was commissioned by the teacher to work on the day that the senior photos were being taken.
I gave her my number, she was supposed to text me what time to be there. She said I didn’t need her number, that she would contact me, but she told me to be there at 6 AM anyway.

I never received a text. So on the day I was supposed to be there, I sat in the parking lot from 6–9 AM waiting for the photographers to get there to help. Any of the other girls wouldn’t have shown up.

When I got in, there was a boy from yearbook there. I asked him if he’d received a text. He said everyone had gotten a text the previous Friday.

I worked for an hour until the other girls had to be called to ask if they were even coming.
They all showed up 30 minutes later. They sat around for another hour and then decided that they were hungry and they all left for lunch and never came back.
For a fleeting moment one said, “Hey, maybe we should stay and help her instead of all leaving at once.” But then the leader said, “No, let’s ditch.”

So I was left alone to do all the work. I worked from 9AM to 4PM dressing students and leading them to the photographers and I wasn’t even reminded to be there.

I’m questioning whether I should remain in this group if I’m always going to be doing the work with very little recognition.

Should I?

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