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How can I get the money from these gift cards?

Asked by XOIIO (18113points) July 11th, 2014

Hey all, found a couple old prepaid visa gift cards, and they are still valid, and have money! ($1.29 on one, and $4.80 on the other!)

However, using these vast riches I have stumbled upon is a bit of a problem since the amounts are kind of low, and paypal does not allow the adding of funds from a credit card.

Aside from buying some cheap game on steam for a couple bucks or something, any way I can pool the money from these cards to be able to get something better?

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Just use them for purchases. If you go to the market to buy toilet paper, use you card. You can pay with many cards for a single purchase.

Or you could just add them as cards to Amazon.

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Why not just buy groceries or a meal with them? Or, are all your meals paid for by someone else?

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That’s true, I don’t eat out much though, and groceries would be a pain to split between three cards lol

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Just use one each time you go to the grocery store the next three times. I hate holding onto gift cards.

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There are plenty of options. You could even add it to your Starbucks account. That way, when you get a coffee, you just scan your phone and it doesn’t matter where the account was funded from.

But really, it’s not a problem to pay for groceries using multiple cards. I have done it before.

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As @hominid said, you can use multiple cards on a single transaction, like at the grocery.

But check the terms and conditions. If the cards are very old, those small amounts may not be worth anything by now, because of the fees. Some cards extract a certain amount for every period of non-use after 6 months.

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@2davidc8 I mentioned those fees on another Q recently. What a rip off! I hope these cards aren’t like that. It’s good you mentioned it here so the OP knows to use the, ASAP just in case. I can’t believe those types of cards still exist. Why would anyone buy one?

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@JLeslie Sometimes I’ve wound up with these types of cards, but not because I’ve bought them. Sometimes when you buy a product that comes with a rebate, the rebate is paid as a gift card, not in the form of a check. These cards usually carry these hidden fees that I’m talking about. Better spend them ASAP. I always use them to pay for necessities, like food.

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I would use them to buy Amazon gift cards. As long as the value is greater than $0.15 you can get an amazon gift card, without any fees from amazon, so you can get the full amount off of the cards. Once you have the money on amazon you can use your gift card balance by itself or use it along with another form of payment, so you can buy something bigger. I’ve done this a few times and it works perfectly.

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These are already over a year old, maybe approaching too. Didn’t know about amazon gift cards though, I’ll d that

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@2davidc8 Good to know. I’m about to buy some appliances and I’ve seen some of them have rebates.

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Hmm, being a pain in the ass to buy an amazon gift card, the payment keeps getting rejected for some reason.

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