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Have you ever bought an "As Seen on TV!" product that lived up to its hype over time?

Asked by ibstubro (18644points) July 11th, 2014

Perhaps when it wore out or finally broke, you wished for another one?

You have permission to have fun with the question, if it comes to that. You know, Social. :)

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I was AFRAID you posted that, @Coloma!

No, I mean a real as seen on TV product.

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I got one of those reacher/grabbers. I LOVE it! My hands hve lots of days they are swollen and sensitivity is low. I get the dropsies SO bad. Bending to reach the floor is something I aspire to do thesr days.
They can’t hold anything too heavy, but I can pick up coins, the remote, my pen.
My daughter wanted her own to use for picking up yard trash. We live on a busy street, and the trash appears daily. She decided it was a bother for that task.

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My first girlfriend’s mom would buy anything from those feature length commercials. It was a strange situation all around. To begin with, the lady was one of the most strikingly beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Her husband, on the other hand was the most frumpy looking guy you can imagine, but anyone who knew him adored him. I’m not kidding. Their neighbors’ dogs and cats would migrate to his house to hang out with him. But I’m drifting off topic. The tv gadgets were lined up on shelves in a room off the kitchen that the husband referred to as “the chamber of horrors”. My girlfriend told me that her dad once resorted to removing a tube from the television set to try to prevent the wife from sitting in front of it without him.

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Uh you freakin bet, their Magically delicious .

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My dughter and I have this goofey routine we go through when one of “those” commercials come on. She dashes for the nearest phone like she has a dire need, I grab all the phones, and “protect” them from her fake yearning to call an operator standing by now. It’s more fun than actually watching, and it’s a minute of cardio.

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Maybe the only products I can ensure will live up to TV commercials are snacks.

But then again, I’m a snack addict.

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It’s funny that everything old is new again. I can’t say how many vintage items come through our auction house that were bought 20–30+ years ago, but are still being marketed as ‘revolutionary breakthroughs’, usually in an even cheaper and more useless format. “Miracle” choppers and slicers seem especially prone.

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My chia pet got rotten before it ever grew an awesome coat of green fur.

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I always thought that you should be able to custom order Chia Pets in the likeness of family members heads. lolol

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I had the exact same experience, @FlyingWolf!

And don’t get me started on Sea Monkeys!

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Only when a bloody irritating fly lands on the screen, I saw it on the telly & bought some fly spray…tah-dah!

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I’ve bought a few things over the years and can’t recall any of them being of decent quality.

Thanks for asking this question because I saw a commercial for something yesterday I was going to buy and now have decided not to.

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Yes, The PedEgg. I know it’s basically a cheese grater, but it works.

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The PedEgg works exactly as shown on TV. But, the “cheese grater” wears out and gets dull after a while, so you need to buy some replacements and keep them handy.

I remember Veg-o-Matic being a good product, way back in the day.

Amazingly, the Smokeless Ashtray worked. When people could still chain-smoke in the workplace and no reservations about lighting up around their colleagues, some of them had the courtesy to keep Smokeless Ashtrays on their desks. Those things really did reduce the level of second-hand smoke.

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Must have been not the Pilzner smokeless ashtray, those don’t work at al. Hahaha.

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@Jonesn4burgers I think they might have been Ronco smokeless ashtrays.

Anyone who can remember Ronco is probably smiling right now and recalling the good old days of UHF television.

I just looked up the Veg-o-Matic. That, too, was a Ronco product. “It slices, it dices…”

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@ibstubro What’s up with you?! Sea monkeys are fantastic!

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@longgone “Sea monkeys are fantastic!”

In the comic book drawings, sea monkeys played cards, smoked cigarettes, had bows in their hair, and wore lipstick. The brine-shrimp reality was never quite as much fun.

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@SadieMartinPaul you are so right, the sea monkeys on the box had an entire city! I was super ripped off because my sea monkeys never made it even to the brine shrimp stage!

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I loved my sea monkeys. I desperately needed some kind of pet, and I enjoyed them much more than it should have been possible ;)

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Monkey see monkey do… Hmmm I got an as seen on tv knife set from the store.. they have a specific section… I didn’t actually see the commercial. It was a reasonable price and blades hold up well. Also I bought a spice rack from amazon that was an as seen on tv special. I got what I wanted. Gadgetry is where I get skeptical.

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You should have befriended dust, IMO, @longgone. At least a little puff would have sent the scamps scamping!

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Love my MagicBullet and Veggetti (I got something similar on eBay for $7).

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I’ve considered the magic bullet, @ckinyc, by my kitchen space is at a premium.

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Yes. I have one of those Magic Mesh magnetic screen doors. Bought a few so far and really like them. They even make them with stronger magnets now. I also have and like the Lock Wallet, good made quality and useful.

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I just saw a Veggetti for the first time this week, @ckinyc, and it made me laugh. I’m glad you enjoy yours.

I went on Youtube and watched the video for Magic Mesh and Lock Wallet, @nightwolf5. I’d like to visit someone’s house when they were actually using the screen door.

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