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Does anyone here dislike sleeping on a high quality memory foam mattress topper?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34719points) July 12th, 2014

I have only heard raves about them. They keep you cool; they conform to your body; they are so comfortable; you sleep better; etc. I bought a 3 inch topper and placed it on my bed after letting it expand and air out on another bed for about 2 weeks. I put the zippered sheet over it and put my usual mattress pad on top of it to hold everything together.
This is the third night and I don’t like it at all. It feels great when I lie on my back. But, for everything else it is not comfortable. Rolling over is a chore. When I lie on my stomach I feel like I am suffocating.
Am I the only one who does not like this new invention? Does anyone have suggestions? Do I need different sheets? Should I put a board under it? I am willing to experiment.

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I’ve never liked foam toppers (or pillows). I just don’t like the way they feel. But since I don’t like the feel of the mattress under my sheet, I use a fairly thick mattress cover.

Just this morning I was thinking it may be time to buy a new mattress, a purchasing process and expense I greatly dislike.

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Foam mattresses and toppers generally trap heat, but they have the new gel foam models that are cooler. The density of the foam makes the difference. I have a foam mattress that is 6 years old that has a high density on the bottom and then the low density on top. I love it. It can’t be flipped – only rotated, for which I am overdue.

I am a light sleeper, and move around a lot during the night – it is a chore to turn over, but you figure out what works and get used to it. I do feel comfortable on my side and back, and don’t sleep on my stomach anymore, since my front is too curvy.

The toppers are usually a pretty low density, and I didn’t like them much, either – so don’t rule-out foam mattresses based on your experience with the topper.

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Mine is called gel foam. It was surprisingly heavy.

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I agree with @hearkat – it’s all about the density. I haven’t tried the toppers, but I use a high density Tempurpedic mattress and a cheapo – but high density – foam pillow. Sounds like your topper might be low density. My mattress and pillow do not “trap” my body – and I am a stomach sleeper. But when I tried out my roomie’s cheapo low density foam mattress, which was just a glued-on “topper” placed over a harder piece of non-memory foam, I encountered the sensation you describe and couldn’t handle it. Ended up cutting the thing up for dog beds.

When you say you put your usual mattress pad on top of the topper, do you mean a thin protector or another cushioned mat? I ask because if your topper is high density, maybe it’s the additional cush of the mattress pad on top of it (if it possesses any) that is causing the issue.

Have you slept on memory foam before? Some people just take a while to get used to it. Some people never take to it.

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I’ve never tried one. I’ve been sleeping on a Select Comfort™ (Sleep Number®) bed for the past six or seven years, with no foam topper at all. (I did spring for a better-than-standard down topper between the mattress and fitted sheet, but that’s not as thick or heavy as the foam topper you’re talking about.)

I love it, and I haven’t slept better since I was in my 20s, BC. (Before Children)

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This is the one I got – by Sharper Image . (I thought it was 3” for $99. Discontinued perhaps? or maybe I just imagined it was 3”. You know how guys are with length. )

“Enjoy comfort in all seasons with the Sharper Image 2.5” Reversible Gel Memory Foam Topper. Layered for maximum support and the newest in technology featuring two sides that allow for bedtime climate control. Reversible so you can choose your surface. For cooler nights, snuggle into the traditional pressure point relieving memory foam side. For warmer nights, refresh the bed with the cooling gel layer memory foam side.
The ventilation pockets enhance airflow for optimal recovery. Wrapped in a skirted cover, which holds the topper in place on any size mattress. The Sharper Image topper can rejuvenate your existing mattress or add an extra layer of comfort to your sleep surface. Cover is removable and washable. Patented compression technology allows for easy delivery.”

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Yes. They’re awful. But that won’t keep me from attending your slumber party. Just name the date and place.

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I got one from Costco for $140 about a month ago, because my wife complained about how uncomfortable she was sleeping on our Select Comfort.
I have noticed that I sleep much differently, but I don’t know if it is better or worse.
I don’t remember my dreams as often. Sometimes, I am not sure if I slept at all, and I have to look at the clock to see how long I was in bed for a nap. When I wake, often I am groggy for a few minutes. I don’t notice any difference with my back. I feel like I must be sleeping deeper, but not better.

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Like I’m going to flip that heavy ass foam topper on cooler nights, then again on warmer nights.

I like them. I like memory foam mattresses. No fun to jump on, a little firm for regular good sex on, but man! I get a great night’s sleep.

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No! I LOVE my memory foam, it is the best bed I have slept on. Yes, the mattresses are heavier than s—t, but it is like falling asleep in a cloud. Great for custom support and the only downside is that they can be hot because they really hold in your body heat. The lack of movement and disturbance when sleeping with another is also a major feature of awesome along with hypoallergenic, no disgusting dust mite in your mattress.

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My son’s mattress is gel foam and mine is not, and there does seem to be a difference in the way the body sinks and the foam conforms to the shape, it seems. Try the non-gel side and see if you like it better. If I can get the supporting foam dense enough, I think the cooler gel will be preferred over the smoother regular foam

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I hate that stuff. Give me an air mattress before that junk.

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I had a foam mattress i loved it the night the monitor heater went out and the night after it was so cold and and firm and lovely. Generally I was ok with it. I was used to it. It was pretty firm though. I have a feeling if I ever got a number control bed I would have no idea where I would even start or the number would change every night several times a night. I have always bought firm mattresses. But really have no idea why.

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@Unbroken The sleep number bed feels much like my $30 Coleman tent air mattress. When I did field work and could carry as much stuff as needed, I’d put ½ inch of foam, a mattress cover and regular bed sheets over it. I’d inflate it as hard as the pump would let me and then let it gradually lose air and get soft over about 4–5 days or so. It was like going from sleep number 99 to 00. Then I’d reinflate. I preferred the higher numbers.

The bed was much better last night. I watched a trashy sci-fi movie from 1960 while drinking a full 12 oz glass of wine left over from the July 4th party. I slept really well. I can’t tell if that was due to the bed, the movie, or the wine.

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I have a memory foam topper, four inch four pound density, and I love it. It is egg carton shaped on one side and flat on the other. I have the egg carton design up. I researched before I bought mine and learned not to buy one less than three inches tall and less than three pound density.

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I think I have a tactile aversion to memory foam. It’s sproingy-ness bothers be for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on.

Though I also have an aversion to polyester and styrofoam. I literally have to rub my hands on some other material just to get that lingering feel off of my fingers.

With memory foam, I have to shake out my hands to get that feeling off.

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Yes it is only good for an hour then It flattens and you need two beds… going back and forth.

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