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What are your opinions on fake Rolexs?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) July 6th, 2008

Well I want to get a real Rolex but I don’t want to pay 3–7K if I can get a fake one for 1000 bucks. What do you think I should do? Fake or real? By the way, if I get a real one then it’s going to be used unless it’s something like a Sea-Dweller.

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A fake Rolex for $1000? Go to Bali and you can get them for around $30! (The only thing is, they tend to fall to pieces by the end of your trip.)

I’m not sure, but when I hear “fake Rolex” I tend to think of the crappy ones you can buy overseas. However, I would assume that a $1000 one would be better quality and made to last (either that or you’re being massively ripped off).

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I’d say go for a legit Rolex, in the long run you’ll feel shitty about having a fake Rolex. It’s much better to show off and know it’s real.

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People still give a shit about a Rolex?

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Well, I’ve got a fake one, all the way from some markets in Iraq. I wear it when I get dressed up and you wouldn’t be able to tell it was fake, except that all my friends already know. It’s actually really good quality, but I don’t like to wear it all the time, I’m good with my Dad’s old Fossil watch. Anyway, I definately wouldn’t pay for a real Rolex when you can get a great quality watch for so much cheaper. Like a swatch watch or something.

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why would you spend so much money on a watch, Its a watch for goodness sake, Just look on your freakin phone for the time.

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I got a great fake Rolex in Bangkok for $10 but threw it out the car window later to
show my husband how mad I was at him about something not-that-important. I regret
this, especially since HIS fake Rolex, which he didn’t throw out of his car window,
kept on going for some years. My fake Rolex was an Oyster. Damn my bad temper.

To my credit (I think), I always boasted about how it was fake.
This gave me the opportunity to boast about being someone who had been to Bangkok.

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If you are fine to pay $1000 for a fake one, you might as well save another $2000 for the real thing. $1000 is a ton of money to knowingly have a fake.

On the otherhand, if having a fake doesn’t lessen the value for you then I’d say go with a fake….. Just don’t spend over $50 bucks for it. Any more than that and you’ve been ripped off! (Remember, you pay big money for the brand and the assurance of quality that comes with the real thing. )

Last thought. If you buy it used ( and that’s a good idea) do your research. A used Rolex won’t be cheap so you should have a means to authenticate it.

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Why Rolex? Even Bond now wears an Omega.

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A thousand dollars for a fake Rolex?!

WTF, mate?

Fake watches cost $5–25 max.

If someone can manufacture a precision timepiece that’s worthy of a $1,000 price tag, they’d brand it unique because it’s something to be proud of. Not fodder for fakiness.

A fake $10 Rolex? Go for it. Don’t get it wet.

A fake $1,000 Rolex? Run the other way. And indeed, put that money into anything else. The fact that you’d consider blowing that kind of cash on a fake puts teeth in the old bromide: A fool and his money are soon parted.

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Fake Rolexes are even more tacky than real Rolexes.

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A lot of Rolex bashing here. For matters of taste, reasonable people can certainly disagree.

Just want to point out that a fine timepiece is actually an engineering and artistic marvel, the practice of which dates back centuries.

The movement of a fine watch itself is worth a considerable amount of money. That’s why a stainless steel Rolex, sans diamonds, gold, etc., can still fetch thousands of dollars at retail.

Craftsman build these things to exacting specifications. It truly would be terrible thing for this knowledge to be lost.

And a fake goes against all of those principals. It’s a scam, by definition. It only serves to line the pockets of those who seek to steal money off the reputation of those who’ve actually earned it.

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GA rob. i wish you hadn’t whispered it :(

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[Mod Says]: Lay off the personal attacks.

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I would disagree, realisitcally a watch is only going to cost about $500 dollars to manufacture the other $4500 dollars is just the name. Sadly its something you see with a lot of high end designner stuff.

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You can get a fake rolex at Chinatown (here in NY) for about 40 bucks. If you know anyone who is from here, just ask them to buy it for you and ship it to you

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Does anyone still wear a watch?

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Not in a while. It’s a freckle past a hair here, @sndfreQ.

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Unless this Rolex watch is going to be as hardy as Butch’s ancestral wristwatch in Pulp Fiction, it isn’t worth $100, let alone $5000.

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