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What song has the words, "Wait, wait a while and then you'll see"? (more details inside)

Asked by 2davidc8 (7774points) July 13th, 2014

“Wait, wait a while and then you’ll see
I’ll keep coming back around…”

I didn’t hear the whole song. I was just listening casually and caught just the above words. I’d like to hear the whole song and I’d like to know who sang it.

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This may not be it, but Unwell by Matchbox 20?

“Wait awhile, baby, and you’ll see a different part of me.”

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Looks like it’s a song used in a Coke commercial. It was recorded by a band called Trimontaine. They talk about it a little on their Facebook page, but I didn’t see a title. They have an album available for download through Bandcamp, but I don’t see a song that matches the theme of the song in the commercial. I didn’t listen to all of the tracks, though. Coke might have commissioned the song, or it might be something Trimontaine releases later. Or both.

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@dappled_leaves Yes, that’s the one. Thank you. It’s somewhat disappointing that it’s just a little ditty that seems to have been written specifically for the commercial.

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