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Should I go to the hospital?

Asked by Rebecccca (42points) July 13th, 2014

I am a 16 year old female,
For the past two days I have been feeling pretty sick..
Ive been vomiting up any food that I eat, also can’t keep water down. I have developed a weird rash on my stomach that’s spread to my upper legs. It looks like spots ( without white or black heads, obviously ) and it covers all around my belly button, my hips, lower stomach and upper legs. I feel quite dizzy when I move in any way at all, even just turning over in bed.
I get really hot at night and wake up covered in sweat. Then I’ll get cold and it would carry on like that for the day.
Its defiantly not the flu or a cold because I’ve grown up getting both of them a few times a month ( poor immune system )
Please tell me if I should go

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Yes, go at once to the ER or an Urgent Care clinic.

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Get to urgent or emergency care center NOW.
A weak immune system is not something to take lightly.

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You haven’t mentioned your parents. I hope your parents understand the importance and make sure you get to the ER.

Please post an update as to how you are doing. I’m sure I speak for the collective when I say we all wish you the best and the best recovery.

The Update Lady

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Get yourself off the internet and to a doctor now.

Feel better soon, and let us know how you are!

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Yes, please do.

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I’m not a doctor, but it looks to me like you are wasting time talking to us that would be better served headed to the doctor. Having a compromised immune system and these symptoms is lighting up a neon light way over here!

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Realistically, if you have been vomiting up everything you’ve eaten or drank in the last 2 days you’d already be in hospital and not on the internet.

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Throwing up everything for more than 24 hours needs medical attention. Typical stomach flu lasts about 12 hours (the throwing up part) even though you feel crappy for about 24. Stomach flu usually does not have fever or rash, especially in adults, and you are basically an adult for this sort of thing.

Hopefully, you are already under medical attention and feeling better.

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When you get to the ER, if there is a line, tell the admitting nurse that you are also experiencing minor chest pains. You will go right to the front of the line!

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Never tell them you are experiencing pain that you are not actually experiencing. It might get you in faster, but then they will be running needless tests that will cost you more money and more time in the hospital. Also they will be looking at an issue that is not real to your health crisis.

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I wonder how this person went at the hospital?

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I am also waiting for an update. @Dan_Lyons, cool as you are, I must agree with @chyna on this one. Besides, I have had both complaints in my lifetime, and vomitting in long term got attention faster than chest pain.

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Sorry to hear about the sad state of affairs at the time @Jonesn4burgers. When I tell them I have chest pain I always immediately add the disclaimer that it is because I was hit by a pitched ball or walked into a door so they know I am only experiencing external chest pain.

But they don’t do any expensive tests as I steer the head doctor away from my chest and directly onto my problem (like one time it was the gall stone, and once it was Bell’s Palsy).

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You are taking care away from other people that may not be lying to get to the front of the line.

Your suggestion is unethical and despicable if put to practise. You may take urgent attention away from people that actually need it.

Please also reread Peter and the Wolf.

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I am doing okay, I have been in hospital since 2 o clock this morning.
So far, they have no clue as to whats wrong with me and I’m being held in isolation.
Thank you guys so much for your help.

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@Rebecccca Oh my! Hope there is nothing serious.

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Hope you get better soon.

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@Mimishu1995 I am on a lot of pain medication right now because I developed a sever headache that basically had me immobile.
@whitenoise Thank you

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@Rebecccca I know. I just hope the symptoms don’t mean something so serious.

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@whitenoise Relax on the sanctimony dude. I only claim chest pain when I am in more desperate need than those in line. Once with the gall stone and once with the Bell’s Palsy, which at the time may have been the onset of a stroke.
The only truly despicable people are those who speak w/out knowing all the facts.

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It’s not sanctimony on my side. It’s (a support of) cheating on yours.

Paint it any color you want, you think of yourself more important than others, so you think it is okay to lie and cheat yourself to the front of the line.

In case there is a true emergency, then tell the true symptoms and the ER staff will help you sooner. That is why there is triage.

Just going by what you write.

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Nice of you to judge others @whitenoise. Your name is appropriate.

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What do you think my name stands for?

I am not judging you, I am just disapproving your (self described) behavior. I don’t know you, so how could I even judge you.

I do find it curious that you don’t even seem to understand what’s wrong in faking ailments in trying to get priority in a hospital.

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There’s never anything wrong getting immediate medical attention when yours is the most severe case in the ER.

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You are not the one to judge who is most important in that line. When you lie, you take away that opportunity from the ones who are supposed to make that judgements: the ER triage staff.

If you feel you are seriously ill and need treatment urgently then go to an ER facility and tell them that. Tell them your symptoms and you will get priority if you indeed need so.

If you don’t get priority based on your symptoms then you must assume there are other people more urgent, waiting in line in front of you.

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At the time there was no one more urgent. I need no triage people to tell me when I went and asked each of the other patients 1st.

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You have an interesting quote on your profile:
“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anythingā€¯

Interesting that you then mind so much when I speak out on your behavior.

Signing of on this sideline with you. You seem to lack the same moral interpretation I have, needed to reach a common conclusion.”

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@Dan_Lyons, without buying in to the morality of lying to health professionals in an emergency department, how do you know there was nobody there with a more urgent condition than yours? Are you a doctor? And even if the people there, in your opinion, had a less urgent condition, they’re in an emergency room. One has to assume from their presence that they, or a person they are with, are ill in some way. What makes you think they should wait longer than you based on you perceiving your need to be greater?

Also, what you see in an emergency room is not the whole story. Medical staff may be dealing with people having heart attacks, strokes, motor accidents and the like out of your sight. Certainly where I live, ambulance arrivals aren’t usually brought in through the waiting room. They have a different entrance but the same staff may be called to assist. I’d say someone presenting with chest pain would be given priority but such a case might add an additional burden on staff who behind the scenes are all ready stretched to the limit.

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@Rebecccca Are you better now? I’m hoping it just ran its course and you are all recovered.

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@Dan_Lyons you should be ashamed of yourself. Lying for personal gain for something where a life could be at stake.

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Okay guys, so I turns out the rash I had and the sweating was a reaction to headach tablets because I’ve been having migraine for a few month and switched to higher pain medication, also they found two small tumors at the base of my skull that will be removed within the next three weeks. That’s what has caused diziness and neusea, due to pressure and fluid in my skull. I have been kept in hospital due to the in my head and have a drainage tube attached to it.
They think I developed these tumors from a severly bad accident I have last year. I fell over a curb and hit the back of my head very hard.
I’ll give more updates as they come.

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Oh, wow, @Rebecccca – I’m sorry you’re dealing with that. I hope the shunts have brought you some relief, and that the surgeries go well!

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Thanks you, it means a lot!

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Thanks for the update @Rebecccca. I hope all goes well for you.

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