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Did anyone see the "Super Moon" last night?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) July 13th, 2014

NPR St. Louis reported that there will be 3 nights of Super Moons, beginning last night.

The moon has an elliptical orbit and for these three nights will be some 30,000 miles closer to the Earth and appear ¼ – ½ as large as usual.

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August 10 and September 9 are the next two, in case someone missed this one.

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Thanks, @GoldieAV16. I hadn’t looked for the next 2 full moon dates.

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Absolutely gorgeous. I had a front row seat in my hot tub. Check this link.

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@Pachy If you tell me to look at a picture of a super moon that you took in the hot tub, I worry what I will see.

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No. What is her power level?

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Yes, awesome here in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Actually Friday night was banner, clouds going over and the back lighting was spectacular!

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Yup – at an outdoor restaurant on the boardwalk at the Jersey shore. It was stupendous!

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To paraphrase James Joyce’s The Dead: “The fog was general over the Bay Area‚Ķ”

It was overcast here from the marine layer, a grey day all around, so no moon glow, safe from lycanthropes.

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For some reason, @filmfann, I’m reminded of this.

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^^ Sorry about that mess. I tried to edit it the alloted three times and was not able to.

The super moon was not ¼–½ as large as uausl (which mean it was smaller) but about 14% larger and 20% brighter.

Given the relative size of the moon compared to the bowl of the sky, the apparent increase in size is small (but pleasing).

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I saw it, didn’t seem bigger, but the glow was different. Kind of like unhealthy, cloudy urine.

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@Symbeline LMAO, some analogy.

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Yeah what @Symbeline said, except I didn’t think of that analogy. I was expecting it to be bigger and more colorful, but the only weird thing was the shadow it casted on the water.

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Here’s a juxtaposition of the perigee full moon early this morning (or yesterday) and an apogee one to give you an idea of the relative sizes.

The glow, color, image or shadow should be unchanging. The moon is doing its lunar thing, just a little closer to the earth than normal.

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I saw it on my 13-hour drive home from Florida yesterday! It was really cool to see.

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Thanks, @Pachy. That was the exact piece I heard on NPR and I was unable to find it, myself. It contained both the ‘elliptical orbit’ (I word I know, but seldom use) reference and the ”A full moon at perigee will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons during the year.’ that I remembered. At least I was paying more attention to driving that listeneing to the radio.

Thamks to all that posted, and I enjoyed the link, @hearkat, having missed the read deal.

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The moon did indeed look pretty big last night.

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Here’s a picture that I took in Tacoma 7–12-14 with my Canon Rebel SL1 with an 18–55 lens”

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I thought it looked lovely on Friday and Sunday (clouds on Sat) but hadn’t realised it was a Super Moon. Thanks for the info!

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