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What movie is featured in Peter Gabriel's video "In Your Eyes?"?

Asked by Ursi (16points) July 7th, 2008

What is the movie clip of the girl and the bed and the girl dancing that is part of the Peter Gabriel music video for “In Your Eyes”?

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Here’s the video I am talking about. Who is the girl? What is the movie?


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I have no idea, but it was a cool video. I am surprised I had never seen it before.

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Say Anything

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I remember that movie. I had to look up the cast though to figure out the female lead—Ione Skye. (She was in everything at that point.) And, of course, John Cusack played Lloyd.

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<Holds up boombox outside window>

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@uberbatman .. ha ha ha!!

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Say Anything

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The movie this song was used for was Say Anything, but the clip that Ursi is referring to is not Say Anything. That is the original video of In your Eyes.

Not sure who the girl on the bed is. It looks like an older classic movie.

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The girl on the bed and dancing around is Actress Maureen O’Hara. Not sure why the link isn’t working, but you can google here name.

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man these answers were way off base… Except babygalll.

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Honestly, I didn’t click the link and just assumed it was Say Anything; since there was a video of the same song with clips to the movie. I was soo wrong.

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That does look like Maureen O’Hara. Thanks, maybe I can look her up and see what moves she was in. That one looks like a musical!

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Let me know if you find out which movie that was.

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The dancing girl in the video is Thelma Tadlock in a short promo movie called “Design for Dreaming” which is easy to find on YouTube.

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