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I have little money low income,and my cat has a painful fang. where can i get affordable service?

Asked by rebe (4points) July 13th, 2014

he eats very little and trys eating on the good side. i see the bad fang looks longer, hes 13 years old.

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trys eating on the good side? What do you mean?

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Ask the local animal shelter. They might know a vet that will volunteer to help your cat.

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I have a cat, too, and I’m very sorry yours is having this problem. I think @JLeslie has a good idea about calling the animal shelter. If you have an ASPCA or Humane Society where you live, call them. I’ll bet they can help.

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Could you call your local vet and ask about a payment plan? If @JLeslie and @Pachy‘s advice doesn’t provide free treatment, speak to your local vet about whether they can remove the tooth (or other appropriate treatment) and you can pay it off at a small amount each week.

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