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What does Private Proxies mean in Proxy-Hub.com?

Asked by EstellaBurns (6points) July 14th, 2014

I am using now Proxy-Hub.I am having three websites.What does Private Proxy mean?What are its functions?

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They mean that Proxy Hub sucks.

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The problem with a remote proxy (as opposed to a proxy on your router or at your home) is that you are outsourcing your proxy work. Which means that you have no idea if the proxy is run by a bad guy (who steals your data and passwords) or the government (even worse) or someone else.

So no matter how good or how bad proxy-hub is in the industry, it’s a bad idea from the start.

If you’re going to use a proxy, do it locally (on your own router) or do it through a secure VPN, not just a proxy company.

So I don’t know if this is spam or not, but as a product, I would never buy it, from the point of view of security.

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