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Have you ever actually felt physical pain in your "soul", pain at not being able to solve your serious problems?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20078points) July 14th, 2014

I call it SOUL because I don’t know what else to name it, but have you felt the same?

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Yes. It’s that dreadful feeling that hits you somewhere around the solar plexus. Sometimes, it’s just nagging and annoying; other times, it’s truly painful.

The only cure is to think through why the sensation’s there and then fix the cause. Are you feeling guilty and remorseful about how you treated someone? Go back, apologize, and make amends. Were you deeply wounded by someone else’s words or actions? Try to understand why you were so profoundly affected – how that individual holds so much power over you, and how you can stop yourself from being hurt.

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@SadieMartinPaul bingo! You got the exact spot and feeling.

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Yes… when I take high school diploma exams.

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Yes, definitely. I felt this pain when I ended a ten year friendship.

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If my “soul” is in my ass, then yes.

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Yes. In time things got better and the pain dissipated.

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Yes. When I walked in on my boyfriend having sex with a housekeeper.

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Yes, at the loss of loved ones and the end of relationships it has ached especially strongly and left me feeling like I couldn’t breathe, but I also had that dull aching emptiness for most of the first 42 years of my life. It has been gone since I finally learned to accept, forgive, and love myself. I am sure I will feel it again, when I am grieving in the future, but I know that it will be temporary, and quickly healed by the memories and love I carry with me.

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@hearkat wow what an answer and what a realistic approach!

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Yes when I was dumped in university… The pain is finally disappearing.

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The pain couldn’t be in your “soul” since a diagram of your body wouldn’t tell where it was since it doesn’t exist as a thing. If you were to have one, or have a notion as to where it was, it would be your eyes or in that very narrow region of your head. Primarily, it is a psychological affliction, not an actual physical one.

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^^^ @kritiper If I’m allowed to speak for @ZEPHYRA, I’d say that’s exactly why the original question put the word within quotation marks. @ZEPHYRA didn’t refer to the “soul” as something real and tangible, but as a concept.

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