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If it's not saturated fat or trans fat, is it "good" fat?

Asked by dxs (15160points) July 14th, 2014

I was buying mayo the other day at the store. I looked at the nutrition label and it had 11g of fat for 1 tablespoon! However, only 2g of that was from saturated fat. I know that saturated fats should be avoided although some of it is good, but what could the other 9g of fat be? Is it all of the good mono- and polyunsaturated fats or are there other fats?

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I found this and learned something!

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I had knowledge of all of that, but I didn’t know if there may have been any other fats since I always knew mayo was unhealthy. I guess this means the other 9g are all mono- and polyunsaturated fats, which are good for you.

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Good fats are vital for good health.

Weight loss cannot take place without the presence of healthy fats for one.

Healthy fats lower cholesterol as well.

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I know! I’m just asking if there’s any other fats that could’ve been in the mayo but I guess it’s just 2g sat fat and 9g unsat fat.

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Home-made mayo is simply an oil (canola, corn, saffron or EVOO) and vinegar (or lemon juice) vinaigrette with an emulsified raw egg or two to thicken and turn it white. That and a little dry mustard and salt.

Some of the fat in eggs is saturated. Most of the salad oils are good for you, although high-calorie.

The ingredients in Hellman’s mayo don’t look too bad.

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No they are just better fats because they contain less amount of hydrogens whereas the saturated fats have to go through hydrogenation which leads to addition of hydrogens.
Butter is better than margarine.
They are just a better option. The good fats are the natural fats.

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^ The human body us unable to process fats that have been hydrogenated.

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