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Can dehydration cause tachycardia?

Asked by rojo (21866points) July 14th, 2014

I was reading an old question when an answer @JLeslie gave made me wonder. My wife had a case yesterday evening. We couldn’t pinpoint a reason but we had been outside most of the day and it was hot and humid.

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Yes. You can read the symptoms here

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I have no info for this, but I too would like to know if any jellies have some experience on that. GQ

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Yes, because dehydration can cause electrolyte imbalances which will mess with the electrical impulses that govern the heart.

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WOW, @dina_didi, nice link, and so FAST!

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Thank you @Jonesn4burgers! I guess that my fear of doctors has helped me in searching medical information quickly :p

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Thanks @dina_didi. I will pass this on to my wife and we can watch out for it in the future.

That first sentence ”.... thirst, headache, general discomfort, loss of appetite, dry skin, decreased urine volume, confusion, unexplained tiredness, and irritability.” (particularly the last three items) pretty much describes me most days anyway however.

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@rojo I am glad I helped! I used to be dehydrated in the past but now I am drinking 1–2 liters every day. That helped me a lot to avoid being dizzy

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Oh man yes!
When it is extremely hot, and humid as in your case, it is vitally important to stay cool and hydrated. It is god awful hot here the last few days, no humidity but pushing 105 today. My cars interior temp. registered 117 after an hour in the sun while I was shopping earlier!

I am drinking ice water like crazy and not going out at all this afternoon.

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Yes. Source: once went to my student health center one time and they said my pulse was too fast and that it was probably because of dehydration and made me drink a shit ton of gatorade before they would let me leave. But guys…..your center is at the top of a hill. Come on now.

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Think of it this way: when you are dehydrated you lack fluid, right?
Fluid = blood volume. So you have less blood flowing through your veins. When there is less blood flowing through your veins there are fewer hemoglobins carrying oxygen molecules being pumped around at the slower rate. The body reacts by pushing blood through your system faster to get the same amount of oxygen to your body tissues and organs. So the heart will beat faster as a compensation technique to overcome volume loss.

Your body exists on oxygen. Most of the symptoms can be attributed to a lack of proper perfusion. Obviously less urine because of less fluid volume as well.

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I got tachycardia bad when, on hot days, I drank iced tea. That was due to a caffine allergy.
I believe that is much more common than currently believed.

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