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Recommendations for slim/minimalist wallets?

Asked by nettodo (468points) July 14th, 2014

So, I recently got a new debit card and with that change, I no longer have to carry oodles of cash around. However, my current wallet is a little too thick for my liking and situation (I carry my wallet in the front pocket). I usually carry around 8 cards and a few bills. Does anyone have any recommendations for minimalist/slim wallets or have any testimonials/criticisms with some that I’ve gathered as options below (or similar ones of the type)?

SlimFold Wallet (Tyvek® wallet)
Supr (ugh, branding) Slim Wallet

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I have a smartphone case that has a slot in the back for cards – it fits my driver’s license, my health insurance card, and one credit card perfectly. Cash goes in the other front pocket, keys latch onto my belt loop and I’m good to go!

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For the times when I need to go minimalist I use a resealable snack bag. It is watertight and I can leave a little air in it so it floats.

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@LuckyGuy I’ve definitely done that on more of my off-grid days, but for the moment I’m looking for something for the everyday. What else would you use?

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@nettodo – if you want a wallet separate from your smartphone, Brookstone has wallets specifically designed for the front pocket and other options. has thin wallet designs, also.

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A nice money-clip like this fits in front or back pocket. This is what my dad uses. I had one made for him with his favorite stone inset and initials. He used it all over Europe. No bulk, no pickpockets.

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Although I don’t use one myself, I’ve always wanted to try a duct tape wallet. Somewhere in the collection of links you can find Instructables and other videos on how to make your own. And if you ever lose it… it’s duct tape; you’re only out the contents.

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For 20+ years because I’ve carried a minimalist credit card wallet. Cards only. Cash I simply fold and keep in my pocket.

If I recall correctly, I am on my third so they last 6 or 7 years.

It’s a Bosca, like this (though I would not spend $60 US on it, I think mine was $30).
Bosca Old Leather 8 Pocket Credit Card Case

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I have a toru saffiano iphone case and it helps to store credit card perfectly in back slot.

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