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In your opinion, what was the most brilliant commercial or commercial advertising campaign of your lifetime? (Details)

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) July 14th, 2014

Here’s one.

Brilliant because it was emotive, earworm and not overtly self serving. It almost seemed like the ultimate community service at the time. I’ve never liked Coke, never drank it, but I had a ‘warm fuzzy’ for Coke at the time. Damn, I wanted to drink Coke!

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Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ – brilliantly simple and a perfect fit to the product line.


This is my favorite commercial ever in terms of entertainment value.

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This one is my warm and fuzzy coommercial. It’s a beer commercial but I feel like it makes a good point.

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The current #LikeAGirl tampon ad.

Every parent should watch this with their young child.

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This has got to be one of the most popular ads of 1970s NZ, it’s old and quality is not great but its very nostalgic for me.

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I truly think this is one of the best ever. (Peanut butter)

In just 13 seconds, it touches everyone that buys these types of products plus conveyes two very important product qualities (tasty and healthy) in a very open but acceptable and trustworthy way.

Unfortunately there is no subtitled version on line. In short, the child is saying that his mother always buys this product because it is so healthy and contains so many ‘pitamins’.

He concludes with
‘Silly, ehh? I just think it’s delicious!’

It is also by far one of the most adorable kids I have seen that is not part of my family. :-)

The original Dutch doesn’t use ‘delicious’ it users ‘lekker’ this word is simpler and has a far wider meaning than just for food. The phrase ‘Ik vind het gewoon lekker!’ (I just think it is great / nice / delicious) has become idiom in The Netherlands. People would use it in any context and still do so, over 30 years later.

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Like a good neighbor, State Farm is There. I think that’s the best campaign that I know of.

You’re in good hands with Allstate is another good one.

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^^ You know, Barry Manilow wrote that jingle. He is a master!
The best advertising campaigh ever beats out even the Hamm’s beer critters. Hallmark made the world cry, laugh, think, and call Mommy just to say “Hi”.

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I was writing ads and commercials during the decades considered Mad Ave’s golden age, so I have a long, long list of favorites. Two of them are VW in the ‘60s and Alka Selzer in the ‘70s. Personally, I think most of today’s advertising is awful, including—and I know the younger jellies will disagree with me on this—that created for the Super Bowl crop.

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(In the voice of Hammie the squirrel in Over The Hedge)
But I like the big horses. They don’t top my favorites list, but, @Pachy, surely you like the puppy kissing the Budweiser horse’s nose! Don’t you?

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Sorry, @Jonesn4burgers, I never much liked the Bud commercials. But then, I’m not a beer lover.

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Hilarious, and new to me, @hearkat!

Also new to me, @chyna, and that’s an amazing commercial! Literal teary eye.

Did that actually air, @jonsblond? The message was fantastic, but it’s hard to imagine the it airing in prime time?

Shoulda quit with the 2 dudes and the tree, @rojo, but still, probably the best of what was on TV that night.

Just made me think of Geico, @Mimishu1995, sorry. Have you seen the Japanese caterpillar/tea commercial?

I can’t open any more right now, I’m running out of internet.

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Three words, “Where’s the beef?”

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OMG!!!!! How could I have FORGOTTEN that?!?? ^^^^
(I lurve the new avatar.)

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Nice little story, that, @Adagio. Thanks for a little ‘international flavor’. :)

Too bad we don’t have an English dub! @whitenoise

My dad was an adjuster for State Farm, @MollyMcGuire. I grew up calling those iconic little silver and red bumper stickers “Hit me stickers.” Still do, I can’t help it.

Yes, they did a great job of making VW hip, @Pachy. And the Alka Selzer ads were the perfect accompaniment to “All in the Family”. Fine line between funny, edgy and annoying.

THAT WAS FLIPPIN AWESOME, @ucme! I laughed out loud several times.

I just thought Clara was annoying, @Blondesjon, but it sure garnered the attention. As long as they’re talking about you, the advert is working.

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“My bologna has a first name, it’s O.S.C.A.R.”

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“It’s like a BORGASHMORG!”
I can’t believe no jellies at all loved the Hallmark commercials. Or, are there none old enough to remember? Did everyone like the critters from the land of the sky blue wa-ah-ter better?
I’d rather fight than switch!
I also kept feeling sorry for that poor, lonely Maytag repairman.

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Hold the pickles, @Jonesn4burgers. Hold the lettuce. Special orders don’t upset up.

One of my all time favorites was for Peter Pan peanut butter.
“Peter Pan can
spread a little sunshine,
open up a fun time.
It’s the peanut lovers…”
Little girl sitting there. Find no video…I musta been the only fan.

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I don’t recall A Peter Pan commercial hich went like that. I remember, “Peanut lovers peanut butter.” I don’t remember a longer jingle than that though.
Of course, the kool aid guy was a pretty big thing. I have a commercial he did with the Monkees recorded on DVD.
I record lots of movies and shows from tv onto disc. I’ve taken to recoeding commercials I like enough to keep to put in between them. Each disc is six hours of ecording, so I decided to insert bathroom breaks between. All the other commercials though, I extract. I put everything on a rewritable disc first, slice around the commercis, delete them, then transfer to a permanent disc. I have some old commercials I’ve seen on shows remeniscing the olden days, and picked up others along the way. I’m still tring to complete my set of new Maytag coms. I have the one where he is a dishwasher, and refrigerator, but not the washer/dryer set.
I have a special disc set aside with favorites, so I can use them often as I like.

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