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Where do you like to sit in the movie theater?

Asked by AshlynM (9348points) July 14th, 2014

I prefer the very last row, aisle seat.

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Back row against the wall to rest my head.

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At same height as two-thirds up the screen, smack in the middle.

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I like to sit in the front row of the second section so there is no one directly in front of us. The front row closest to the screen is too close for me. There’s usually a metal handrail in front of this section that is great for resting your feet on. I also like to sit close to the aisle so I don’t have to climb over a bunch of people if I need to get up.

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Back row in the end seats.

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The very last row, in the middle. I’m most comfortable with the view there.

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Behind someone shorter than me. I’m 5’ 11” and just before the show starts some guy who’s about 6’ 4” will sit right in front of me (too frequently). That happened the last time so I moved to another spot and it happened again.

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Sheldon’s spot.

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I second @zenvelo , about ⅔rds up and centered. I hate being off center. lol

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I don’t like to go to theaters; they are very nasty. The last time I went was two years ago. We sat in the balcony on the first row. The sound was so loud that even with my fingers in my ears, I started crying with pain. The movement on the screen caused motion sickness and nausea. So, I sat in the lobby on a bench which I was happy to do while my family watched the film. But they decided it was boring so we all left. As far as favorite seat, I like the first row in the balcony on the end. I always want to be on the end; I will not sit by strangers. That grosses the hell out of me.

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On my arse

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Farthest row in the back. I’m really uncomfortable with people sitting behind me because their inevitable talking carries forward. It’s one of the reasons I often prefer going to the movies alone rather than with friends, ‘cause they always want to sit closer.

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In the middle and slightly closer to the front.

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I prefer the back row aisle seat, but my husband has crap vision, so we usually sit in the middle and hope no one sits right next to us. I can’t stand sitting next to strangers while I’m watching a movie.

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@Coloma We can sit together in a theater where you can raise the armrests, we can smooch in the dark…

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@zenvelo Okay…but you have to sit on the right because I’m a lefty and must lean to the left armrest. haha

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I can’t go to movie theaters. I feel like every time I go there are at least 3 people that won’t stfu and it completely ruins the whole experience for me. They’re also pretty freakin expensive anymore too. When I used to go as I kid I preferred sitting pretty much smack dab in the middle of the theater. Handicap and rail seats where the best cause you could stretch out or have a nice foot rest.

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I dunno, I love going to the movies and always have a good experience, I can only think of one recent film where I took my chances on a weekend matinee and was surrounded by others. My local regal cinemas are, literally, right around the corner, about ½ mile from me and I go to a lot of matinees and often have the place almost to myself. Smaller towns are good for that apparently. haha

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Center about ⅓ from the screen will get you the best picture and sound. And Sunday night if you want to be alone.


Kodak put out a monthly magazine called Notes For Reel People for projectionists. There was a five page article about where the best place to sit was.

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It depends on the size of the screen – I sit center and at a distance where the screen fills my vision within my eyeglasses frames so I can take it all in and be immersed. That is typically about ⅓ to halfway back, as @johnpowell notes.

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