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What step can you take in the near future to improve your life?

Asked by Haleth (19504points) July 14th, 2014

By “near future,” I’m talking about ideally tomorrow or, if not, within the next couple days. It doesn’t have to be something huge- just an action you can take to make your life better in a real and perceptible way.

If it’s something you’ve been putting off for a while, why don’t you stop procrastinating and just do it? If there’s a big roadblock, can you break it up into smaller steps and tackle one of those?

For the sake of realness, here’s mine. I still haven’t done my taxes. It’s July, FFS. Not being up to date on my taxes means I can’t fill out FAFSA to apply for college grants and loans. So I’m going to do my taxes tomorrow and look into FAFSA this weekend, or I’ll come back to this thread to say I’m a great big procrastinating weenie.

What are you going to do? Even if it’s something as small as eating a healthy breakfast, or starting a new book, let’s hear it. :)

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To make sure that step isn’t into a big pile of dog shit!

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”...I’m going to do my taxes tomorrow and look into FAFSA this weekend…”

Author plans, literally, like you just did @Haleth, the “steps” I take are to Author Plans.

Authoring plans = designing a future.

Designing a future = improved life.

Write your own instruction manual.

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I’m going to vacuum all the bed bugs the best that I can until I can afford fumigation and another bed

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I’m doing it already, trying to get enough sleep. I am not good at putting myself to bed sometimes. lol

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I just bought a house in another state. That’s a pretty big step. I’m going to actually move down there in two months. I’ll rent an apartment for six months while I do the renovations. It’s fun and exciting.

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Write a document I’m working on. I’m going around in circles but not really getting it done. I’m on my own this evening so my plan is to get at least 1000 words written tonight. I should also finish last year’s tax docs before the weekend. They’re almost done but I keep getting (allowing myself) to be sidetracked from finishing them and now I have a whole new year to prepare too.

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GQ, but I’m off to Sweden for a holiday. I can’t really get anything done there, except for taking good care of the cat and the four dogs I’ll be responsible for – and I had planned to do that anyway…

Oh, I know! I need to buy a present for my sister. I’ve been putting that off for months!

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Clean my house and eat less.

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Clean what I eat and use my house less.

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Open or add to a savings account and save regularly.

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Damn you @Haleth! You just inspired me to clean out some junk. I will do that for 30 minutes straight.
I will also kegel more.

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I can quit procrastinating on the two projects I am working on!

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One hour later! I combined boxes, labelled contents, tossed some junk, and used the bathroom!
Thank you for the inspiration! I might do it again tomorrow. One hour is about all I can stand.

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I’m organizing my photos from my computer, so that I can save them and delete them off of the computer.

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Learn online banking.

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I’d die without online banking. I can’t believe how many people fear it.

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I fear it, but I still like it.

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@LuckyGuy Good for you!

I did my taxes! And my return was a whopping… $2.

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@Haleth spend it wisely.

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