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Why are Republicans so against Bowe Bergdahl?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) July 15th, 2014

He seems to draw a lot of hate and everyone claims he’s a traitor but they never cite evidence that he was a traitor. What gives?

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Well, they used to be all for him. They demanded that President Obama bring him home and complained about how long it was taking. Then Obama actually did it, so it retroactively became the wrong thing to do. That’s politics these days.

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Bowe was a hero for a couple of short hours once they got him back but then the conservative talk radio and television began to badmouth him and pass judgement without benefit of evidence. The followers just picked up the standard, engaged their herd mentality and trampled on him without questioning whether or not it was justified.

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@SavoirFaire has it right. Obama got credit for something good, so the Repo party immediately thinks its bad,

Rational, right?

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Clearly, Obama’s led the life of a Boy Scout. If he’d ever had an extra-marital affair, one of his detractors would have uncovered the it and gone public. The same thing if he had any criminal past, or if he’d even been caught cheating or plagiarizing at any level of education. The Republicans have looked under every rock.

So, when there are no valid grounds to attack a person, just make up something.

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Just like the Birther stuff.
There are enough things that they could condemn Obama for, like the drone strikes or the incessant spying.

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Why would they need proof ? if a lie is repeated enough times many ignorant folks will believe that it must be true.

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