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Do you draw a distinction between JUNK and SPAM in your email?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22765points) July 15th, 2014

I just noticed that my email client has two buttons/options. One is for “junk” and the other for “spam”. Of course, the documentation (what? documentation?) doesn’t say when to use which.

It appears that “junk” is what is used when the mail application itself decides that an email fails some testing, and that “spam” is what they expect me to use. But I can’t be sure about that.

In your mind, is there a difference?

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Junk and Spam are the same to me. when I check my email I delete everything without even bothering to read it. I only read email from people I really know and that I correspond with on a regular basis. It is common for me to delete at least fifty items every morning that I don’t even bother opening to read.

If I don’t know ya, I really don’t care. my motto

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Viagra pills is spam.

Junk is for vendors that I have used so it might be good to let a few emails through. Like Best Buy trying to sell me a new tv even though I just bought one. But they also might send me important info about my tracking number so you don’t want to just make it all disappear.

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Spam is the trash you get from Nigerian ministers, fake “farmaseize”, politicians, and people who send stuff to millions of people unsolicited. Some email providers update their spam filters based upon the selection of users. If X people call it spam the filter will call it spam.
Junk comes from a company you have likely done business with in the past. You don’t want to report them as spam as they get dinged and you might not see mail from the again – even if you want it.

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Spam is advertisements that I did not sign up for.
Junk is advertising from vendors that I have previously used, and newsletters and the like.
Practically, though, they all land in my spam folder.

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I spam things I don’t want to hear about anymore, hoping they’ll go away.

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No, as far as I’m concerned it’s all junk.

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